Thursday, 11 December 2008

Why Effective Business Systems are Critical to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success

You are all too familiar with what happens when your computer system fails. The success of your business is no less reliant on the robustness, dependability and efficiency of your business systems.

Entrepreneurs and business owners are often intimidated by systems but, in reality, they should welcome them. The right systems will improve your business operations by leaps and bounds. Effective business systems are critical to entrepreneurial success.

To start creating effective systems for your business you need to be able to understand and document the activities of your business. Doing this will provide clarity about each activity.

It allows you to objectively reflect on what you do and identify how you can:

~ Eliminate time wastage,

~ Improve productivity,

~ Make your processes more efficient,

~ Add value to what you already do, and

~ Scale what you do through outsourcing.

Sometimes the reason why individuals do not achieve satisfactory results through outsourcing is because they do not provide clear enough instructions as to what exactly they want done. It is said you have learnt how to do something when you can teach it to others. Similarly, in order to have someone take over a task you currently do, you have to be able to explain step-by-step what you want done.

Many entrepreneurs start out as a one-man show but you can't effectively grow you business like this. When Rich Schefren included a diagram of just what it looked like to be running a business as a one-man show hundreds of entrepreneurs got an acute wake-up call. The one-man show scenario is not a sustainable business model.

Processes and systems help you clarify and map out your business activities so that you can recognize what you should be doing as well as what shouldn't be doing. When you have effective systems in place you can see exactly how your time is being spent. You can then focus just on the tasks which you are genuinely good at doing - your strengths - for which you receive the best return on your investment of time. You can focus on tasks such as:

~ Content building,

~ Product creation,

~ Evaluating marketing campaigns,

~ Improving marketing campaigns, and

~ Researching new profitable niches.

Instead, some business owners are too busy doing things such as answering emails and dealing with customer service. These are examples of tasks that you can easily outsource. (Click the following link if you want to learn some great FREE outsourcing tips.)

With the introduction of systems in your business you also allow for more critical thinking time. This will allow you to be less reactive and more proactive. And when you're more proactive, when you're leading the way instead of continually fire fighting and responding haphazardly to various situations as they arise you'll have more control over the destiny of your business and you'll feel less stress.

Some entrepreneurs and business owners delay creating systems for their business because they think that their business is not big enough. Ideally you should be developing systems for your business and growing it at the same time.

The thing is that is that while it is never too early to start creating systems for your business it can be too late. Many businesses have failed because of they lacked the right systems so don't fall into this trap.

Remember, systems are essential for the long-term sustainability and scalability of your business.

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