Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Goal Achievement and The Universal Law of Gender

We create rules and laws to maintain order within our society and when we break those rules and laws we suffer the consequences.

The Universe too is governed by laws and so operates in an orderly and, to some degree, predictable manner. And we can work out those laws by observing how the Universe works.

The thing is when we're born no one gives us a law book to let us know what the rules and laws are for life. So we enter the game of life pretty clueless. We have some successes and we also experience some hard knocks or failures as well.

However, if you don't know the rules of the game your results are generally going to be inconsistent. Consequently, many people stumble through life because not only do they not know what the Universal Laws are; they also don't have a clear understanding of how the Universal Laws apply to our daily lives.

The basic truth is that to become successful in life you need to align yourself with how the Universal Laws work - all of them. The hit movie, "The Secret" increased people's awareness of the Law of Attraction. But the Law of Attraction is just one law.

Just think about what would happen if you only knew how to act when a traffic light was red. Chaos would ensue.

One of the Universal Laws that is a big stumbling block for many individuals is the Law of Gender.

The Law of Gender states that all seeds have a gestation or incubation period before they manifest in form. Goals are subject to this law just as physical seeds are.

However, when you set a goal it doesn't always materialize when you want it to. And sometimes it's just that we didn't give the goal sufficient time. You may have planted an actual physical seed yourself and become impatient when the shoot didn't appear when you expected they would.

You may have disturbed the soil only to see that the seeds were actually germinating. The seeds were developing their root system and given a little more time the shoot would have pushed through the soil.

As Business Optimization Strategist, Stephen Pierce puts it the trouble is that:

"Most people overestimate how fast something can happen and they underestimate what is required of them to make it happen."

An individual who has demonstrated that they have not underestimated what was required of them to achieve their goal is the young singer Alexandra Burke a contestant is a contestant in the 2008 series of The X Factor (UK TV Series).

Alexandra Burke is in Cheryl Cole's under 25's category. She appeared on X Factor three years ago, but was excluded when her mentor Louis Walsh said she was too young to compete. Undeterred she has returned to the show stronger than ever and her performances put her in a class of her own.

She said that she saw her disappointment three years ago as a blessing in disguise. Certainly, it would have been a challenge for someone so young to have the depth and maturity of performance that Alexandra Burke has consistently demonstrated during this X Factor series.

After her rejection by Louis Walsh, Alexandra Burke could have given up her dream of becoming a singer. Instead, the rejection further fuelled her desire. She bided her time, plucked up her courage and auditioned again for the series when she felt the time was right.

To quote Stephen Pierce again:

"Everything has a process and you can't cheat the process. Understanding the process gives us patience."

So if your goals do not materialize at the time you wanted them to, be patient. Be confident that the things you want will materialize.

If you apply yourself consistently and relentless to the pursuit of your goal and dream your passion and desire to achieve your goal will eventually make it a reality.

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  1. I find it fascinating that we always want things in our own time...even thought it may not be the right amount of time. Part of being congruent with one's own success is to accept the timing that occurs and continue to trudge forward - with a positive attitude. Time will always bring success with those 2 factors.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Hi Deidre,

    Thanks for you comment. If we are fully committed to achieving our goals and diligently striving to accomplish our goals then going with the flow is vitally important.

    We don't have the ability to see the Universal picture. So when we set goals it's wise to open ourselves to the possibility of something even greater than we imagined.

    And when things don't occur within the timeframe we've set, maybe it's because the Universe is setting the scene for something bigger and better than we originally conceived.