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The Universal Law of Thinking: The Importance of Controlling Your Thoughts to Achieve Success

The Universal Law of Thinking is one of several Universal Laws which silently govern our lives. Yet, it by mastering these laws and working in harmony with them that we achieve our greatest success in life.

However, with respect to the Law of Thinking, are you really thinking or are you allowing someone else to do your thinking for you?

Earl Nightingale said once that if most people said what they were thinking that they would be speechless. You see many people allow their thoughts to be controlled by others – newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the like.

And, particularly during this current environment, when the economy is experiencing a downturn allowing your thinking to be controlled by those whose role seems to be to continually provide a stream of negative news this can be very dangerous indeed.

Thoughts are extremely powerful. Do not underestimate the power of thought just because it is not immediately visible. You cannot see a thought but you can see its effects.

"Mind is the master power that moulds and makes. And man is mind and ever more he takes the tool of thought and, shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills. He thinks in secret and it comes to pass, the environment is but his looking glass."
James Allen, "As a Man Thinketh"

In other words, as all the world's greatest thought leaders agree, you become what you think about and your external environment (in its broadest sense) is a direct reflection of your thoughts.

At a fundamental level we are simply energy and, with Kirlian photography, we can even see how changing our thoughts change the energy signature that we emit or our aura. Energy therapists also have the ability to 'read' people's aura's with a high degree of accuracy. However, anyone has the ability to sharpen their acuity to sense what another person is thinking.

Scientists have proven that your thoughts travel 930,000 times faster than the speed of your voice. This is phenomenal and it underlines the importance of controlling your thinking. The thoughts you think on a regular basis will materialize and, in some cases, with alarming alacrity. No other Universal force is known to be as powerful or as fast.

Voltaire said:

"No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking."

However, there is a pre-requisite to this - so long as you are thinking about the solution to the problem and not just focusing on the problem itself. Too many people focus on the problem and then wonder why things don't work out.

Many people think negative and expect positive but, of course, that isn't going to happen. Yet often, when you challenge such individuals about changing their thinking and practicing positive thinking their immediate rebuttal is that it is too hard. Albert Einstein said that:

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking."

So if you want to change your life and resolve the problems you're experiencing you have to change your thinking. Yes, this can be a challenge but what's worse? Staying as you are even although you are dissatisfied and, in some cases downright miserable about your present situation, or changing your thinking to make it congruent with what you truly desire in your life?

However, remember that it took years of thinking to create the life you currently have. Change will not be instantaneous but it can be fast so long as you are persistent.

Einstein also said:

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

Yet this is exactly what many people are striving in vain to accomplish. To solve your current problems you not only have to change your thinking you also have to elevate your thinking. It follows therefore, that you must be on a continual path of self-improvement if you wish to advance in life and achieve your goals because you will not achieve your goals without encountering and vanquishing a few problems along the way.

The proper application of the Law of Thinking is critical to your success. Your thinking will shape your destiny.

"Thoughts lead on to purpose, purpose leads on to actions, actions form habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny."
Tryon Edwards

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