Monday, 15 December 2008

The Law of Sacrifice: What Would You Sacrifice to Achieve Your Goals?

When people think of sacrifice they think about giving up something. However, this is only half the story.

The Law of Sacrifice decrees that you give up something of a lower value in order to attain something higher of a higher value. Expressed in these terms you can see that applying the Law of Sacrifice to your life is about gain not loss. The proper application of the Law of Sacrifice will cause you to advance in life not regress.

And people generally want to advance in life but all too often they are unwilling to give up simple pleasures in life, even on a temporary basis, in order to achieve their goals.

Take television as an example. Multi-Oscar winner and Hollywood mogul Darryl Zanuck said in 1946 that television wouldn't catch on as people would "soon get tired of starring at a plywood box."

At least he was half right. Nowadays, the plywood box has been replaced by high definition plasma screens and thousands of TV channels are in existence - not bad for something that was predicted wouldn't last.

Many people wake up with their television and go to bed with their television. Some people have television in just about every room in their home including the bedroom and bathroom. Yet, one of people's biggest complaints regarding pursuing ambitious goals, e.g. starting their own business, is that they don't have time.

It is estimated that the average American child spends more time watching television than attending school and that in most households the television is on an average of 7 hours a day. Now granted, not all television is bad but do you think that people who have their television on for hours on end are being particularly selective about what they watch?

What if a person were to stop watching television for just an hour a day and replace that hour with an hour of personal development, exercise, studying new skills or starting a new business? Even that small investment in time, consistently applied, would yield great dividends.

The thing is every moment of every day we are trading our life because what we choose to do in each and every moment is a trade-off between that activity and something else and we cannot regain the time we invest or lose. The question is are you effectively applying the Law of Sacrifice to your life so that you're trading your life for something of value or are you just frittering away your life?

No one who has ever achieved anything of any great significance has done so without making sacrifices. For instance, Internet Marketer Matt Bacak has made some big sacrifices in his life and one of those sacrifices involved his mother.

When Matt was 26 years old he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a millionaire – a goal he had identified for himself since he was just 12 years old. He recognised that he had to get really focused if he wanted to achieve this goal and this would necessitate that he eliminate anyone from his life, at least until he completed his mission, who would not be supportive of or instrumental in him achieving his goal.

So he went through his cell phone and deleted anyone who didn't meet these stringent criteria. His own mother didn't meet the cut. As he explains:

"One sacrifice that I made was that I deleted my mother from my cell phone. And the reason I did this was not because my Mom was negative to me…A lot of us have these negative conversations in our head or these little gremlins and it was always my mother in my head telling me "Matt, you can't do that."…I figured that if I could stop talking to her then I might be able to control that conversation in my head."
Matt Bacak

Naturally, at first, his mother didn't believe he was serious about him shutting her out of his life but she soon got the message when her attempts to contact him went unanswered. In turn,Matt Bacak's mother had to make her own sacrifice and grant her son the space he needed to become the millionaire he so desired to be.

Fortunately, Matt Bacak achieved his target before the end of the year which coincided with his birthday. As you can imagine, that year was pretty special for a million and one different reasons.

Charles DuBois said:

"The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."

So the question is how will you apply the Law of Sacrifice to your life? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to become the person you desire to be?

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  1. Hmm, interesting concept, but not sure about the term 'Sacrifice', that's such a negatively loaded word for me, to turn that into a positive is a bit of a stretch for me, can you clarify this a bit more?

  2. Hi Sonia,

    Thanks for stopping by. My article does give examples of how sacrifice can be viewed in a positive sense. It's when you "sacrifice" something you consider to be lesser value to gain something of a higher value.

    Maybe there's a challenging goal you are striving for. What would you have to "sacrifice" in order to achieve that goal?

    If your desire to achieve that particular goal is strong enough there are things that you will willingly give up to achieve it.

    For more on the Universal Laws check out:

    The 11 Forgotten Laws