Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Learn How to Double Your Income Doing Work You Love

If you were given a cent and the ability to double the value of your money everyday for thirty consecutive days then at the end of one month you would have a whopping $5,368,709.12 (five million, three hundred and sixty-eight thousand, seven hundred and nine dollars and twelve cents.

Now doubling your money for 30 consecutive days may seem impractical but what if you could simply double your income and what if you could do so doing what you love instead of grinding out a living? Does this prospect sound appealing?

Many of the people I meet outside of my industry do not do the work they love. They are doing work because it pays the bills. The thing is that you can make money doing work you love and those who have mastered this become very wealthy and often reach a point in their lives where they can take early retirement but they love their work so much that they don't want to give it up.

I believe that each and every one of us has a unique purpose in life. We all have special talents - things that we're good at. When we are doing these things time passes by unnoticed. We feel totally engrossed and alive. Conversely, when we are struggling to do things we do not enjoy time drags by. We feel frustrated, irritable and stressed.

Hence, it's vitally important to discover what your purpose in life is and it is no surprise that your purpose in life is closely aligned to the things you feel passionate about.

Now another human characteristic is that we all have a desire to be and feel successful. Success means different things to different individuals and Robert Allen says that as soon as you start living your life on purpose you become successful.

"Once you're on your purpose path you're instantly successful. You don’t have to achieve your goal to be successful. You just need to discover your path. When you're standing on your path and you take one step forward towards your goal you're instantly successful because you're on your path.
Robert Allen

Think about it. You can achieve "success" in a particular area but if it is not something you care very much about the success feels rather hollow.

Conversely, when you achieve even a small measure of success doing something that you love, the feeling of success is magnified.

So the question is how can you do work that you love and make good money doing it at the same time?

Part of problem with this is some people love what they do so much that they think it would be wrong to be paid and paid well for what they do. There are many arguments against this point of view and I'm going to state just one case.

If what you're doing creates value for another individual, would it not be better if you could create value for even more people and or increase the value that you're able to provide those that you serve? Of course it would. And you can do this if you are properly recompensed for the value you provide.

Now you know when you set goals they should be SMART, i.e.


So what if you could double your income over the next 12 months? How would the quality of your life improve? How would your lifestyle change?

This goal certainly is specific, measurable and time-framed but if you're questioning about how realistic achievable it is then I invite you to check out:

Learn How To Double Your Income


  1. "it's vitally important to discover what your purpose in life is and it is no surprise that your purpose in life is closely aligned to the things you feel passionate about."

    Excellent idea, and one I've been striving for. I discovered my purpose later in life, and the passion is definitely there.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Lisa. I'm glad you discovered your purpose in life.

    I look forward to following your Tweets:

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