Monday, 10 November 2008

What's the Music Playing in Your Sub-Conscious Mind?

At some point in time you've probably noticed that there's a song playing in your head. It might have been playing in the background for quite some time before your conscious mind became aware of it. It's as though your sub-conscious mind is amusing itself.

Initially, you may not even recognise the tune and, until you bring your conscious mind to focus on it, you may not distinguish the words either.

This has happened to me several times in recent weeks. And while I may have recognised the tune I've had to consciously focus on the words to decipher them. The process can be likened to adjusting a lens to bring an image into focus.

When I have identified the words I have been pleasantly surprised. The words of the song usually accurately reflected an emotion I was experiencing or an affirmation that I wanted to reinforce.

I say "surprised" because what I'm describing here is different from hearing a tune so many times that can't help but sub-consciously play it inside your head. Instead, it's as if my sub-conscious mind is going through my personal database of music to find something that aptly reflects my mood and my emotions. It's behaving like a jukebox that knows me inside out and knows the song to play at the right time.

It has made me even more aware of the importance of giving your mind a nutritious diet. You need to 'feed' your mind positive thoughts which can come from spoken or written affirmations and other sources such as music. And you need to do this on a daily basis of you want to program your sub-conscious mind for success.

The music playing in my head forms part of my self-talk and everyone has some form of audio background track playing in their mind which can be musical or their regular dialogue with self. The trouble is many people do not pay close enough conscious attention to their self-talk particularly when it is negative.

Consequently, they allow a negative soundtrack to play in their minds over and over again continually undermining everything positive they attempt to do. The outcome of this can be seen in the results they are producing with respect to their health, finances, career, relationships, etc.

And when things aren't turning out the way they would like it to be they compound matters by asking themselves:

"What's wrong with me?"

The mind obligingly then searches for answers that particular question and to support the view that something is wrong with that person. The negative self-talk is perpetuated.

If you positively change your self-talk and that background track in your mind you can literally transform your life.

Often when I say this to individuals their immediate response is "But it's hard…" which is simply more evidence of the negative programming of their mind.

It certainly is challenging but isn't it worth it for the rewards you'll reap.

Denis Waitley said:

"Relentless, repetitive self-talk is what changes our self-image."

It's up to you whether your "relentless, repetitive self-talk" improves your self-image and consequently the results you achieve in life or tears you down.

One of my mentors has his own special way of dealing with negative self-talk. Click on the AudioPostcard link below to hear how he eliminated his negative self-talk:

The Importance of Your Mindset to Achieving Success

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