Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rich Schrefren Launches His Much-Anticipated Guided Profit System Coaching Program for Online Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Rich Schefren will be launching his Guided Profit System coaching program later today.

Many thousands of online entrepreneurs and business owners have been downloading his latest report:
"Uncertainty Syndrome: The Entrepreneurial Emergency". The sub-title of this report explains why it has reverberated so loudly throughout the Internet community:

"Why entrepreneurs in a frantic search for quick profits and fast results are confusing stress with success, adrenaline with purpose, effort with effectiveness, potential with profits."

Over the years Rich's other reports have also resonated with online entrepreneurs and business owners but I haven't seen a response quite like this. This report doesn't examine people's potential. You've probably heard hundreds of times that you have infinite potential and you probably accept this to be true.

However, it's one thing to possess infinite potential and it's another to actually realise your potential and the majority of people are not realising their potential. So the question is what is preventing people from realising their potential?

The answer is your constraints and this is the subject of this report for as Jay Abraham said in an interview with Rich yesterday:

"When you realize that in the business world, you have so many opportunities to create and achieve enormous prosperity, impact in the market. Our free enterprise system, you’ve got the opportunity to earn so much money and achieve so much success in terms of real success, monetary, competitive, however, you’re never going to do it until you eliminate the constraints, the impediments holding you down."

Jay Abraham is himself a marketing guru who has taken 10,000 different businesses in over 400 different industries and helped them to produce more than $6 Billion dollars in addition sales. So his support for Rich, his latest report and his new coaching program is significant.

"It [
"The Uncertainty
Syndrome: The Entrepreneurial Emergency"] really zeros right in on the biggest, most little understood, little known and significant cause of mediocre, failure, frustration, stress and poor performance in online businesses and start-ups all over the world."

So when entrepreneurs read the promise of this report "The ONE thing that will finally make your earnings exceed your effort" they see hope and salvation rather than hype.

What further supports that Rich can deliver on his promise is that most of the top Internet Marketers have all been coached by Rich Schefren. Individuals such as Mike Filsaime, Tellman Knudson, Russell Brunson, Joel Comm, Michael Cheney have all sought out Rich as their personal coach and their standing in the Internet Marketing community reflects the shrewdness of their investment.

With his
Guided Profit System Rich is offering to tear your business apart and guide you towards re-building it again so that you end up with a profitable business that supports the lifestyle you desire. This is in stark contrast to the business that most people have at present - one that literally sucking the lifeblood out of you while yielding comparatively little in return.

There's no doubt that Rich's GPS coaching program will be intense and will require commitment and dedication. Rich's 24 hour live webcast that stretched into 26 hours and was watch by 27 thousand viewers shows the level of commitment that Rich has to helping individuals succeed.

Despite this, after Rich's last intensive coaching program he swore he would never again offer a coaching program like that. When you give of yourself so completely it really takes it out of you. However, what he was seeing in the marketplace went against the core of his being.

He saw that more and more people were struggling with the same issues...the same constraints...and the same roadblocks that kept them from achieving the success they so rightly deserved.

People were screaming for solutions, yet there were none to be found.

Meanwhile, Rich had spent an entire year uncovering a breakthrough system for obliterating those barriers and skyrocketing business success.

Rich had the solution and he knew he had to share it and so he developed the
Guided Profit System - an in-depth coaching program that blows away anything else on the market today.

It is an ultra-powerful, ultra-intense coaching program designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners to finally overcome those profit-blocking constraints and move your business to the next level.

What's more Rich is lowering the bar regarding the entry level for this program so that it reaches those that need it most. There are discounts and payment plans as well as lots of great bonuses to enhance the return on your investment.

People have been begging to join this coaching program before Rich even announced any details of this program. Therefore, this program will undoubtedly sell out and sell out fast.

There is no guarantee that Rich will EVER offer anything like this again. So if you're looking for the next level of business coaching then Rich's GPS could just be your solution.

Click the link below for full details about GPS and to download a FREE copy of Rich's latest report.

Guided Profit System Coaching Program

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