Thursday, 9 October 2008

How Even Childhood Games Can Have A Dramatic Effect on Your Money Blueprint And Self-Image

Childhood games, nursery rhymes, cartoons and other seeming innocuous things and events can have a significant impact on our money blueprint and self-image.

Our money blueprint and self-image are created by our genetics, our environment and our beliefs. The games that we play can have a profound effect on our beliefs especially because we exert a great deal of emotion when we play games.

I was at a seminar recently and something that one of the speakers said gave me a new insight into the game of musical chairs. This is a game you're probably familiar with and will probably have played at some point during your childhood.

However, if you are unfamiliar with this game then basically it is a game set to music where there are fewer chairs than individuals vying for the chairs. Music is played and you move around the chairs in a random manner until the music stops at which point you make a bee-line for the chairs in attempt to secure one of the seats.

If you're unsuccessful you're eliminated. The game continues until there is just one chair left and two players. The end result is that one and only one person wins.

Surely, this is a pretty harmless game?

The thing is this particular game can contribute to the belief that there is a limited supply of resources instead of the belief that there is an abundance of resources.

"From abundance he took abundance and still abundance remained."
The Upanishads

You may be thinking,

"But it's just a game!"

The problem is that your sub-conscious mind doesn't differentiate between what's real and what's fantasy and unless other elements of your belief system strongly support the concept of abundance as opposed to scarcity can have a dramatic and negative effect on your ability to create the results you desire in life and in particular to create wealth.

The scarcity mentality can affect how you operate in business. While it is necessary to be aware of your competitors, you don't necessarily have to compete with them in order to carve out your share of the market. It could prove to be far more profitable to collaborate with your competitors.

In this way together you'd command an even greater market share and, by pooling together your resources and expertise, you could take your respective companies to new heights. It may not be practical in every instance but there are many case studies where businesses have done just this creating a win-win situation for both companies. It just requires a little creativity.

I have clients who are often frustrated by the way in which their belief system is sabotaging their efforts to achieve the level of success they desire. However, when you take into account the myriad of ways in which your beliefs are formed and the length of time that some negative beliefs have been reinforced then it's futile getting upset about the situation.

Be patient. There are numerous methods by which you can get clear of these negative beliefs and proven systems such as Quantum Mind Power created by Morry Zelcovitch who has also been involved with Mind Movies for re-programming your mind. When you put this into action along with your daily personal success habits you will overcome the effects of any insidious negative programming you may have been subjected to.

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