Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Rich Schefren is Giving Away $100,000 in New Contest - Will You be Celebrating this Halloween?

Rich Schefren has just published his latest report "The Uncertainty Syndrome: The Entrepreneurial Emergency" and is following it up with a contest worth $100,000 to one lucky individual.

The report takes a very frank look at what really prevents entrepreneurs from achieving the level of success they truly desire and are often frustrated in their attempts to achieve the elusive success they dream of.

And this report sure has hit a chord. Over 30,000 people have downloaded it to date and people are still downloading it at an amazing rate of about 500 per hour!

The contest is easy to enter and will definitely boost the actual consumption of the report. Do you know that many people download books, reports and the like or even buy physical products and never use them?

So to enter the contest you first have to read the report and then answer three questions:

1. Do you know what your single, biggest constraint is right now? If so, what is it?

2. How many constraints away are you from having the business and the life of your dreams?

3. What are the three greatest benefits you’ll enjoy once those constraints are removed?

The beauty of this contest is that everyone is a WINNER. Yes, even if you don't win the $100,000 contest. Here's why:

A. Simply by answering these questions you will increase your awareness as to what is currently holding you back in business. This is PRICELESS.

B. Next, you get to see the true value of removing these constraints. This helps you to clarify your vision of your ideal business and lifestyle.

Clearly identifying A and B makes it easier to get from point A to point B, i.e. from where you are currently to where you want to be. However, by submitting their answers to these questions on Rich's blog one person will win:

1. A full scholarship to Rich upcoming Guided Profit System™ coaching program - where you'll work with Rich each and every day for thirty days to obliterate one business debilitating constraint after another. By Halloween you will have created a foundation that will transform your business results and your personal lifestyle.

2. A one day blitz for your business. You'll receive your airfare and be and set you up in a stylish hotel close to Rich's office so that he and his entire team can focus exclusively on your business. He will focus all his resources entirely on you and your success.

3. A complimentary spot in Rich's $25,000 private reserve club. This includes private masterminds (with other elite online entrepreneurs) at his office, dedicated time with his staff, and exclusive personal access to Rich and his vast resources.

However, this is not just a contest of chance. Some skill is required to and Rich actually gives guidelines as to the type of answers he is looking for. To date over two hundred individuals have posted responses and a winner will be selected from 10pm EST on Wednesday 24 September 2008.

For full details of this contest please click the link below and come Halloween you could be celebrating your business transformation and your new lifestyle:

Rich's $100,000 Entrepreneurial Emergency Contest

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