Monday, 22 September 2008

Mind Movies: Their Double Click is Your Gain

Here's some trivia for you.

Here in the UK we have double-decker buses, double-breasted suits and double-glazing. The latter is particularly welcome as we officially enter the autumn season.

The baseball player Joe DiMaggio achieved a 56-game hitting streak (15 May - 16 July 1941). He was due to earn a sponsorship deal when he hitting streak reached 57.

And did you know that the number 57 has an aliquot sum of 23? Or stated in plain English the sum of its divisors is 23.

So what's it with all this double-talk and talk of numbers, in particular 57 and 23.

Well, it seems that some folk were so anxious to get their Mind Movie Kits last week that they ordered twice. And their double-click is your gain.

There were some 70,000 people trying to take advantage of the 50% discount and the over $3,000 in bonus gifts last week and you guessed it 57 people actually paid twice. They were so anxious that they order had not gone through - they ordered again!

So on Tuesday 23 September from 3pm EST the doors for Mind Movies will re-open for just 24 hours or until or remaining 57 units are sold.

After this Mind Movie Creation Kit will double in price and you will not be able to get the $3,000 plus worth in bonuses.

You can check out the FABULOUS bonuses by clicking the link below:

Mind Movie Bonuses

This product has an unheard of lifetime guarantee. In other words, if, any time, you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it for a full refund. However, thus far 70,000 people seem to be very happy and out of those 57 extra happy to have their overpayment refunded.

If you haven't already purchased your Mind Movie Creation Kit you'll have to be double-quick to off your marks on 23 September because those 57 kits will not last long.

And if you have no idea what Mind Movies even are then click the link below to find out more. Ryan does a great job of explaining:

Mind Movies

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