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An Interview with Dr John Demartini: The Relationship Between Your Values And Your Goals

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Recently Dr Demartini was interviewed by Triumphant Events on the subject of values and goal achievement. But why is this topic so important?

As Dr Demartini explained:

"The hierarchy of your values dictates your destiny."

How we see the world. How we act in the world and how we make decisions can all be correlated to our values.

As usual the interview was riveting. Dr Demartini is such a font of knowledge. Plus he really understands the human psyche and has answers to questions that perplex many individuals such as:

"Why do I struggle to achieve my goals?"

If you are experiencing resistance in achieving some of your goals it may well be that the goals you have set are not in alignment with your values.

"When we set goals that are congruent to our highest values we tend to gain confidence. Any time we set goals that are not congruent with our highest values we tend to lose confidence."

For instance many people would like to earn and have more money but may be unwittingly sabotaging their efforts to earn money because say travel is higher on their values list than money. So any extra money earned is spent on travel.

So what is the solution? Well you can:

1. Change your values or at least the hierarchy of your values,

2. You can change your goals so that they align with your values, or

3. You can demonstrate to yourself that your goals are indeed in alignment with your values.

Changing Your Values

There's nothing wrong with changing your values and people do it all the time. For instance, when a couple have their first child, parents often have a huge shift in what is important to them and their values change significantly as a consequence.

Changing Your Goals

Sometime we may have goals that do not serve us and will not help us achieve our over all vision or our master plan but these goals clutter our mind and drain our energy. We experience feelings of frustration whenever we think about that particular goal. It's best to simply strike such goals off your list.

Aligning Your Values and Your Goals

When you can align your values and your goals the pursuit of your goals becomes much easier. You will feel more in flow. You will achieve more. This will boost your confidence and self-confidence. You will procrastinate less and achieve more. And you will find that this is a self-sustaining cycle.

Sometimes people don't see how a particular goal may actually be in alignment with rather than in conflict with their highest values. For instance, someone may have spirituality high on their values list and may think that earning lots of money (ethically of course) is not spiritual. Once they understand that this is not the case and that the more money they earn the more they can express their spirituality then the floodgates literally open for them to create more wealth.

Anyway, there's a lot more information packed into this interview with Dr Demartini. Click the audiopostcard link below to listen in:

AudioPostcard with Dr John Demartini Interview

You'll probably want to take lots of notes and so have pen and paper handy!

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