Thursday, 4 September 2008

Inspirational Stories of Great Internet Marketers

I just love reading about the biographies of successful people and yesterday one of my friends and New York Times Best selling author, Joel Comm, has just launched his latest book – "Click HERE to Order".

This book is fascinating it contains the success secrets of famous Internet marketers such as:

~ Tom Antion
~ Matt Bacak
~ Willie Crawford
~ Stephen Pierce
~ Armand Morin
~ Joe Polish
~ Joe Vitale

I have had the privilege to meet several of the individuals featured in this book and have been taught/mentored by others. What they have in common in addition to their phenomenal success is that they are such genuine people.

Whether or not you're into Internet Marketing or consider yourself to be an Internet Marketer is irrelevant. This book is about the journey to success of over 40 individuals. Their stories are fascinating and a clear demonstration that it's not what you start out in life with that's important. Anyone with the right attitude and the will to succeed can do so.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude."
W.W. Ziege

The stories of these individuals are also a clear reminder that there are no overnight successes. These success stories took years to develop.

~ Discover how a former vacuum cleaner salesman ended up having dinner at Buckingham Palace.

~ How and why this man who now teaches and mentors individuals and business executives all over the world still carries a bullet in his thigh.

~ Why this Internet Marketer stopped speaking to his mother.

~ What this former carpet cleaner salesman came up with as a marketing approach that could just as well be applied to life itself and with great results.

These individuals may be enjoying the high life now but many of them experienced severe financial and emotional hardship before reaping success.

This just released and hotly awaited book is already inspiring others to create their own success stories.

So grab your copy of this exciting book now. Click the URL below for more details and also to discover the fabulous bonus gifts that Joel Comm has lined up for you.

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And just one more thing, when you read this book I want you to think of how your personal success story will read. When all is said and done this book is about ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary success in their lives. They have overcome numerous challenges to reach their current level of success and you can too.

Let your story be an inspiration to others.

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