Friday, 5 September 2008

Create Your Future with Your Personalised Mind Movie

I create personalised subliminal MP3s, I'm a NLP Practitioner, I'm very visual and know from personal experience the power of vision boards, positive affirmations, etc. Yet, I delayed in creating my own Mind Movie.

If you haven't heard of Mind Movies then let me briefly explain. The term was coined by Ryan and Natalie from Australia. It's where you combine positive affirmations with images and music to create a movie that is short yet powerful summary of the goals you are striving to achieve. Think of it as a preview to your life's coming attractions. A Mind Movie helps you to consciously use the Law of Attraction to get what you desire in life.

Take Ryan for example. He turned his life around in just 90 days. He was able to quit his job packing boxes and fire his boss - something which gave him immense pleasure. He cleared his debts and now has his own business and is able to live a life of financial freedom.

You can create a Mind Movie that is holistic, i.e. one that encompasses all the major areas of your life or you can choose a specific area of your life that you want to focus on such as wealth, health, spirituality, career, family or relationships.

I downloaded some pre-made Mind Movies and thought that overall they were great. However, there were obviously elements that didn't entirely resonate with me so instead of my mind smoothly flowing with these pre-made movies I was encountering moments of resistance. I knew then that I had to create my own and what a difference.

Every image I choose had multiple meanings that went beyond the first visual impact but yet only I would understand. Every affirmation was specific to the goals I'm aiming to achieve. The backing track I choose has special significance to me.

I can watch it on my computer but I prefer to watch on my iPod which makes it much easier for me to watch. As recommended, I've been watching it first thing in the morning and also just before I go to bed. It's been only a few days and so I can't report that I have manifested anything amazing - yet.

However, when I watch my Mind Movie I feel incredibly energised and I am noticing positive changes in terms of my focus and productivity. I've even offered to create Mind Movies for a few select friends and clients because I want them to share this powerful tool.

Bob Proctor, is one of my mentors. When he set about transforming his life he wrote his goal on a piece of card - a Goal Card which he carried with him always. He read it several times a day and when he wasn't in a position to read it he would simply touch it. I am convinced that Bob Proctor would have manifested his goals even faster if he used a Mind Movie.

Click the link below if you'd like to download some pre-made Mind Movies although, I'm sure that you too will want to create your own.

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