Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Attend the Big Seminar to Dramatically Boost the Success of Your Business

The Big Seminar, founded by Armand Morin, is the event to attend if you want to learn business success strategies that can significantly grow your business - whatever business you're in.

The latter point is very important because many people make the mistake of thinking that the Big Seminar is just for Internet Marketers. This is simply not true.

Great for Networking

The Big Seminar is attended by business owners and entrepreneurs working in all sorts of markets. At the Big Seminar you'll meet copywriters, web designers, real estate investors, dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, coaches, public speakers, authors…I could just go on and on. The Big Seminar is an excellent arena for networking and the event is designed to facilitate and encourage networking.

This is just one reason why this event is revered by so many and why so many individuals return to this event time and time again. And many of these individuals are already running 7-figure businesses. This in itself is a secret to their success. Their willingness to invest in their continuing education.

The demand for tickets for the Big Seminar this time around is greater still this time as the event is moving from a biannual event to an annual event. In other words, following this event you will have to wait another 12 months before being able to attend another such stellar event and, as you know, a lot can happen in 12 months. Over 148 tickets were sold as soon as the 'doors' were open. This event will sell out.

Excellent Speakers

However, one of the main reasons why the Big Seminar is such an excellent event is because of the quality of the speakers. Armand Morin meticulously selects individuals who successfully practice what they teach and are great at teaching what they practice.

Michel Fortin and Sylvie Fortin are a husband and wife team who exemplify this is. He is a multi-million copywriter and she is the CEO of Work4holics which provides outsourcing for millionaire marketers. I recently watched a couple videos where Shawn Casey and Matt Bacak both provided unsolicited testimonials for Work4holics.

They recognise that while many people try to establish online businesses and that there are a myriad of ways to do so, many people are failing online. They have devised a four-step process that can be applied to any business which they call The Success Chef®.

The Success Chef® will be launched at the Big Seminar 12 and they will be giving away a special prize worth $6,000 at this event. To listen to Michel and Sylvie Fortin discuss The Success Chef® sign up for the free preview calls for the Big Seminar.

FREE Training

You can test-drive the Big Seminar for by signing up for the series of FREE teleseminars at:


Click on the link above, enter your name and email address in the spaces provided and you will be sent details of the Preview Calls which will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 25 September.

Don't worry if you can't make the live event. People attend the Big Seminar from all over the world and so replays are made available at specific times. The information shared is cutting edge. These teleseminars will transform the way you think about marketing and your business.

Michel and Sylvie Fortin are scheduled to speak tonight, Tuesday 19 August so you can learn first-hand more about The Success Chef®.

Remember no matter what business you are in, you are fundamentally in the marketing business because no matter how good you are, if you are not successful at marketing you will not have a successful business.

Big Seminar - Big Discount!

So do check out these calls and if you decide you'd like to attend the event sign up via the link below to be eligible for a big discount. Sign up via the link below and you can save $500 on full priced tickets:


Then send a copy of your receipt to

Early registrants will also be eligible to receive some special free bonus gifts from Armand Morin which he has yet to announce but judging from recent bonus gifts and prizes you will not be disappointed.

I'll be introducing some of the other speakers over the coming weeks and will have some special gifts of my own so stay tuned.

Big Seminar X

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