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The Mental Game of Life with Dr Topher Morrison

The Mental Game of Life with Dr Topher Morrison

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A couple of years ago I was privileged to attend Dr Topher Morrison's Mental Game of Money seminar which was attended by nearly 500 people. It was a transformational event.

I later did my NLP Practitioner's course with Topher which was another amazing experience for me. In the bargain I also met a group of extraordinary individuals several of whom I'm honoured to call my friends.

Topher no longer offers the Mental Game of Money seminar. Instead he created a new and more encompassing Mental Game of Life seminar.

Now if you've never heard of Dr Topher Morrison let me tell you a bit about him and why you should attend this seminar. Topher's doctorate is in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He is one of less than 50 people Master Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and he is also a Master Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Topher is a best-selling author, an international speaker and is a highly sought-after presenter.

As well as in the UK and the USA, The Mental Game of Life seminar has also been to Australia and Kenya. Thousands of people have attended Topher's seminars, NLP and hypnotherapy training and have benefited from gaining a deeper understanding of how to use NLP and hypnotherapy to enhance mind-body health. His clients include multi-national executives and Olympic athletes.

From first-hand experience I can say that Topher is an excellent teacher. In fact, he is one of the best teachers I have ever had. One of the attributes of a great teacher is their ability to breakdown complex information into an easy-to-understand format and Topher has the ability to do just that and make it entertaining in the bargain.

And Topher is no stranger to the UK. He was an active member and then President of the YES Group flying in from his home in Tampa, Florida to attend monthly meetings. That's just one example of how committed Topher is to whatever he is involved in.

Attend The Mental Game of Life if you want to learn how to:

~ Overcome procrastination;

~ Create more energy for your life;

~ Build more wealth with less work;

~ Rekindle the spark in relationships;

~ Negotiate successfully in all aspects of your career;

~ Develop and really enjoy a healthy diet/lifestyle;

~ Achieve more and live a happier more harmonious life;

~ Communicate effectively with your children - and your parents;

~ Stay motivated when going after your goals;

And more.

The Mental Game of Life event takes place in September in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

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Bonus Gift

I mentioned that Topher no longer presents The Mental Game of Money as a live seminar. However, I happen to have two copies of the DVD home-study course of this seminar.

The first two people to purchase a silver ticket for the Mental Game of Life and send an email to with a copy of your receipt and postal address will receive The Mental Game of Money 5 DVD home-study course FREE.

This is a unique program. It looks at creating wealth from the inside out by programming your mind.

When you study The Mental Game of Money you'll discover how to:

~ Create Vacuums in the universe by turning your goals into "future memories";

~ Release negative emotions so you Emanate Opulence;

~ Forgive the people who have wronged you financially, so you can create a greater space for generating wealth;

~ Exercise the power of Free Will for any situation that currently creates conflict;

~ Develop the confidence and courage to tithe with certainty;

~ Generate more Energy in your life.

So book your ticket(s) for The Mental Game of Life and email me at to see if you qualify for one of The Mental Game of Money 5 DVD home-study sets.

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