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The 888 Olympic Special Offer: Goal Achiever and Winner's Image

You can't fail to have noticed that I've slipped into sports mode. I love sports and the Olympics is definitely the greatest sports spectacle there is. I get so much inspiration watching men and women compete at the highest level. It is such a testament to the power of the human spirit.

And, if you've been watching the Olympics at all, you will be aware of Michael Phelps' Gold Medal Challenge. His MEGA goal is to win 8 gold medals in 8 days with 8 world records. It's a quest that boggles the mind and, for us 'lesser mortals' something almost inconceivable. However, you know that what the mind can conceive you can achieve.

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
W Clement Stone

Phelps is fully aware of his huge talent and potential and it's absolutely fantastic to see someone who is maximising his potential. He has an enormous dream and it has not been an easy road for Phelps to reach this level even with his awesome natural ability. He has experienced setbacks along the way but they have served to make him stronger.

It is possible for him to achieve his goals and thousands of people around the globe are captivated by his quest would like to see him achieve his dream. His 'heroics' in the pool inspire us to stretch ourselves not just in sports but in our everyday lives. Phelps' winning form inspires us to set our own MEGA Goals and build our Winner's Image.

However, there are two factors which have been critical to Phelps' success. Without these factors, the world might have never heard of Michael Phelps.

1. He has a coach, and

2. He is part of a team - several teams in fact.

Every successful person has a coach or mentor. The most successful people will have coaches for different areas of their lives. The teams that Phelps is a member of e.g. Team USA, the 4x100m freestyle relay team and the 4x200m freestyle relay team all play an essential role in Phelps' success story.

With this is mind I'd like to work with a select few individuals to support and empower you to set and achieve your MEGA Goals and create your Winner's Image.

To this end I have put together a unique coaching package called:

The 888 Olympic Special Offer

Here what this offer consists of:

Choose either the LifeSuccess Goal Achiever program or The Winner's Image at specially discounted price, which I'll reveal later, and receive:

~ 8 one-to-one coaching sessions - FREE

~ 8 months of email support

~ 8 FREE Bonus Gifts

8 One-to-One Coaching Sessions

LifeSuccess Consultant

As a certified LifeSuccess Consultant I will work with you to help you to:

1. Identify What You Want in Life
So many people do not clearly identify what they want and because of this they are frustrated and unhappy.

2. Set Effective Goals
People often set goals which are ineffective. That's just as bad, if not worse so, than having no goals at all. Sometimes it may simply be that your goal doesn't stretch you enough. If you know how to achieve something it's not really a goal. It's a task - put it on your to-do list and clear the way for your real goals.

3. Create Your Personal Game/Action Plan
Goal setting is just part of achieving your dreams. You need a WINNING Game/Action Plan. As your coach I can guide you in formulating your Personal Game/Action Plan that will propel you towards achieving your goals. I will also support you implementing your plan to get the results you desire.

4. Keep Your Eye on Your Dream
No matter what you do you're going to experience limiting and negative beliefs. Over time, with various techniques I'll teach you, you'll be better at overcoming those limiting and negative beliefs. But when fear does set in, and believe me if you don't experience fear from time to time then your goal isn't big enough, I'll be there to help you take your focus away from your fear and firmly on to your dream.


"I would recommend Nickolove Lovemore to anyone who wishes to change their current circumstances and needs encouragement and practical steps in setting and achieving something out of the ordinary. I am constantly challenging my choices and thought processes to reach new heights."
Chichie Adzuka, London

~ 8 months of email support

Often things may come up in-between our coaching sessions that you may want support with. You don't have to wait until our scheduled session. You can simply send me an email and I'll answer your questions within 48 hours.

~ 8 Bonus Gifts

The value of the bonus gifts is priceless. They are a selection of books that I have found invaluable in my own personal development but rather than list them individually, allow me to surprise.

However, I will say this one book was written by an Olympian and will teach you how to become UNSTOPPABLE. The other books will teach you how to:

~ Program your mind,

~ Improve your concentration,

~ Tap into your invisible power,

~ Improve your memory,

~ Transform your health,

~ Build your wealth mind-set,

And more

But wait, let me tell you about the two LifeSuccess programs you can choose from as part of this 888 Olympic Special - The Winner's Image and The Goal Achiever.

The Winner's Image

The Winner's Image

The Winner's Image is will help you boost your self-esteem and create the self-image of a WINNER! Remember:

"You will never out-perform your self-image."
Bob Proctor

Therefore, if your self-image is not consistent with the person you are striving to be you will fail.

The Winner's Image will show you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to set your personal thermostat to MAXIMUM SUCCESS so that you can start consistently winning in life.

This program consists of a DVD, 3 CDs, a Workbook and a Goal Card.

"Winning is never an accident. Winning comes about by design, determination and positive action. This program gives you the complete plan for growing the winner's image that will help you design and live any lifestyle you choose."
Bob Proctor

The Goal Achiever

Goal Achiever

The Goal Achiever program is a complete, tested and proven system for setting and achieving your goals.

It provides you with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step system that thousands of people around the world have successfully followed to achieve their goals. And it doesn't matter what goal you are trying to achieve because the fundamentals are always the same. The Goal Achiever program will help you to:

~ Assess where you currently are compared to where you want to be.

~ Set and prioritise goals that are challenging, worthy of you and that will keep you excited and motivated

~ Deepen your understanding of the Laws of the Universe so that you can work in harmony with the Universal Laws to create the lifestyle you desire.

~ Overcome your limiting and negative beliefs that create obstacles that get in the way of you achieving your goals.

~ Develop your personal goal achievement action plan.

~ Build your resolve to commit to your action to achieve your goals.

This program consists of 8 CDs, a Workbook and a Goal Card.

Your Special Price

The Goal Achiever and the Winner's Image programs usually sell for $197. However for the month of August you can purchase these programs for $143.31.

Why $143.31?

Phelps swam 1:43:31 on the first leg of the 4x200m freestyle relay - hence why I I've choosen the price for this one-off to be $143.41
. This is a discount of more than $50. The USA team went on to win gold - Phelps fifth gold medal.

Special Terms and Conditions Apply

There is a condition to this 888 Olympic Special - the Winner's Image/Goal Achiever Program, plus the 8 free coaching sessions, 8 months of free email support and 8 bonus free gifts. The condition is that I want your success stories. I want to get your testimonials and I want to share your success stories with the world.

So if you're ready to create your WINNER'S Image and set and achieve MEGA Goals then click one of the links below one of the links below to make a secure payment using PayPal. Credit card payments are also accepted via PayPal.

888 Goal Achiever Olympic Special

888 Winner's Image Olympic Special

All the materials will be posted to you FREE of charge. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of The 888 Olympic Special Offer TODAY.

Send an email to if you have any queries.

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