Monday, 7 July 2008

A Life-Changing Message from Personal and Business Success Expert Stephen Pierce

Stephen Pierce recently shared a powerful recording of a seminar he did in Dallas, Texas. His presentation focused on the proper mind management to earn more money and achieve greater success in life. Click the link below for an Audiopostcard with this powerful and heartfelt presentation from Stephen Pierce:

This Resource Will Change Your Life

He stated that life is a mind game and that to win at this game we need to be able to manage our minds and we achieve that through controlling the following five key factors:

1. Your Focus
2. Your Self-Talk
3. Your Images
4. Your Feelings
5. Your Beliefs

1. Your Focus

In life, you get what you focus on. The problem is that while some people set goals they are so worried about what might stand in the way of them achieving their goals that they end up not achieving them. They failed in their quest not because of the difficulty in achieving their goal but because they took their focus off the goal.

"Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal."

To achieve your goals you have to think like Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich:

"I see only the objective. The obstacles must give way."

Many people succumb to this pitfall. Instead of focusing on what they want they focus on all the things that could go wrong. They focus on the obstacles instead of what lies beyond the obstacles.

Developing your focus and concentration is often overlooked in this world of so many distractions. Yet, without focus your achievements will be negligible. All the great achievers of this world have mastered the art of concentration and focusing single-mindedly on what you desire in life is the most important application of this skill.

2. Your Self-Talk

Alex Mandossian of Teleseminar Secrets and Virtual Book Tours said during one his courses that if you can positively change a person's self-talk you can positively transform their entire life. All too often, people have very negative self-talk. They relentless criticise and put themselves down. This destroys a person's self-esteem and self-image.

If you have poor self-esteem or a negative self-image, the bottom-line is that you will not be successful in life. So if you want to achieve greater success in life improve your self-image for as Bob Proctor says,

"You will never out-perform your self-image."

An effective way of doing this is to improve your self-talk.

3. Your Images

This relates to the way in which you visualise your goals. Now, not everyone 'sees' their goals in their mind with the same degree of clarity. And, in reality, effective visualisation involves all your senses because the more vividly you can 'see' your goal the faster you can manifest it.

There are many tools you can use to help you with this. One is to create a vision board and there are different ways of creating vision boards. You can simply take a piece of card and stick on it images that relate to the things you want to achieve. If it is possible to take pictures of you with whatever you are aiming to achieve all the better because this will make it all the more real to your sub-conscious mind.

Remember, your sub-conscious mind cannot differentiate between what's real and what is imagined. Hence, for instance, if you take a picture of yourself in the car that you want to buy then your sub-conscious mind will start to work so as to make that particular image a reality.

You can also create a digital version of a vision board to use on your computer and you can even incorporate MP3 music and voice recording for greater impact.

So get creative and have fun with this - the more you do so the faster you will achieve your goals.

4. Your Feelings

Often we are taught to disconnect with our feelings or we lose our connection with our feelings over time simply because we repeatedly ignore them. Yet your feelings are your soul's way of speaking to you.

When we ignore our feelings we impede our progress. For the next week aim to make decisions based on your feelings - your initial gut reaction about something. With practice you will be amazed at how 'right on the money' your feelings are.

You will benefit from not agonising over decisions and being over-analytical about a situation. You will start to operate more instinctively and effortlessly. You will start to experience greater flow in your life.

5. Your Beliefs

You operate according to your beliefs. For example, if you believe that something will not work then you will not put your all into doing it. You will self-sabotage your efforts.

However, if you believe that you can achieve a particular goal you will do what is necessary to achieve that goal.

As Stephen Pierce says:

"It's never a question of what is possible. It's always a question of what do you believe is possible for you."

Rafael Nadal believed it was possible to win the Wimbledon Men's Singles Title. Last year he played a great match against the defending champion Roger Federer but it was Federer who came away victorious (7-6 (7), 4-6, 7-6 (3), 2-6, 6-2) to equal Bjorn Borg's record of five straight Wimbledon titles. Nadal was bitterly disappointed.

But he believed that he could win Wimbledon. He re-grouped and improved every facet of his game. He worked on his body. He worked on his mind. He set himself a punishing schedule but one which he believed would give him the greatest chance of being prepared to take the coveted Wimbledon title.

It was an epic battle that has been described as the best Wimbledon final ever - outclassing even the John McEnroe-Bjorn Borg match in 1980. Nadal needed every ounce of his mental and physical preparation. At the end, because of the fading light, he could not even see but he believed. He snatched the Wimbledon crown away from Federer and the final score - 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8), 9-7 - underlying what transpired when these two titans clashed.

Again, and above all, Nadal believed he could win and did what was necessary to turn that dream into a reality.

~ What do you believe is possible for you to achieve?

~ What are you willing to commit to in order to achieve your goals?

Here's the link to Stephen Pierce's presentation again:

This Resource Will Change Your Life

Listen to it.

Be inspired.


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