Friday, 27 June 2008

Learning How to Thrive in a Tough Economic Climate

Do you know more millionaires are created during tough economic climates than at any other time? These individuals did not allow adverse circumstances to control their destiny. You too can learn how to thrive in a tough economic climate.

I was reminded of this by a conversation had with a Post Office worker recently. When I went to the Post Office to collect my post and the man behind the counter said to me:

"How are you, today?"

"Good!" I replied enthusiastically.

What happened next was initially somewhat puzzling.

He sadly shook his head from side to side and turned his hand side to side as well.

"Not so good, eh?"

At this point my face was a picture of consternation. I was standing to his right so didn't have direct eye contact but I gave him a quizzical sideways glance. I also replayed what I said in my mind and how I had said it.

And, just for a split second, I almost doubted myself - maybe I didn't feel so good after all but I kept my mouth shut. After all, he wasn't really listening to what I had to say.

"Life is hard," he continued.

"Life is as hard as you make it," I couldn't help replying but, like I said, he really wasn't listening to me or interested in my opinion.

He went on to talk about the Government, the increase in gas, fuel, electricity, food…and I simply listened. Sometimes, it makes no sense to argue plus I was on a short on time.

Still, here's what I thought. Here in the UK, as in other countries, the Government may make mistakes but I live a life of freedom and that is priceless.

With respect to the dramatic rise in inflation - these things happen and yes it does present new challenges but when faced with new challenges you simply have to find new ways to deal with those challenges.

"Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new centre of gravity. Don't fight them just find a different way to stand."
Oprah Winfrey

A while back my gas and electricity service providers offered me the option to freeze the unit cost of gas and electricity for a fixed period of time. I signed up to this offer without hesitation. Market prediction can be risky but one didn't have to have a crystal ball or be a financial genius to work out that the cost of gas and electricity was almost certainly going to rise.

Yet, I know many people did not take up this option - something that would have certainly helped to ease the financial strain at this time. People often fail to prepare for the worse even when indicators are staring them in the face.

I admit that the increase to the cost of living is a challenge and I too often remark at how certain basic items have leaped in price. However, that's not where my focus is.

You see, I have no control over the national or global economy. All I can do is control my personal economy. And so that is what I focus on.

People often direct their focus and attention to the wrong things. They focus on what is outside their control. One reason for this is that people do not want to change. They want to continue doing things the same way day in, day out. But the world around them is changing and changing at a rapid pace and those who do not learn how to adapt and surf this wave of change will get wiped out.

There are many people like the man at the Post Office - people who probably spend most of the day moaning about how tough things are to anyone who will listen. Can you imagine how debilitating it must be to be around such negative energy?

Consider instead how much better it could be if this man was thinking of creative ways in which he could earn more money so that no matter how much prices increased he would have the extra income to deal with the price hikes.

"A man with a surplus can control circumstances, but a man without a surplus is controlled by them, and often has no opportunity to exercise judgment."
Harvey S. Firestone

Notice how, for a moment, this man's negativity affected my own personal energy. You have to preserve your energy. If you hang out with negative people then their negative energy will drag you down.

When we ask people how they are many people reply in the negative and when they do so they are reinforcing negative feelings in their body. This is not good for their health or productivity. In the book "How Would Love Respond?" Kurek Ashley suggests asking someone "What's great about your day today?" because this forces someone to look at what positive in their lives and the more we recognise what is positive about our lives and express our gratitude for these gifts and indeed the gift of life itself the more good things will be attracted to us.

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