Monday, 21 July 2008

FREE Teleseminar: Discover How You Can Use Passion as a Business Success Strategy

Discover how you can use PASSION as a Business Success Strategy as I interview Ali Rodriguez, CEO of Vision For Success, Business Coach Specialist, Passionista Expert and creator of "The Power of Five™" business building coaching system.

Ali shows business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs how to use passion as a business success strategy to help them create a unique footprint in their world, make more money in less time and add more value to their clients.

Ali is known for her passionate, humorous yet no-nonsense approach to problem-solving. She's also a sought-after motivational speaker and coach.

She has an uncanny ability to see through people's real needs, zero in on what they truly want, get to the core of their true passion to create realistic, cohesive, customized marketing and business plans to monetize their passion so that they can achieve the life of their dreams.

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Fuelling Your Business with Passion

Some of the hot topics we will be covering during this interview are:

~ 3 of the major challenges faced by business owners and entrepreneurs today and strategies to overcome these challenges

~ Why people do not follow their passion and how you can.

~ The importance of following your passion to live a fulfilled life.

~ How to stay motivated, particularly when pursuing a big goal.

~ Strategies for dealing with the feeling of being overwhelmed.

~ The importance of intuition in decision-making and how you can hone your intuitive powers.

~ Why now, during this tough economic climate, may be the best time for you to start your business.

~ The importance of creating systems for your business to maximise efficiency and productivity.

~ The Power of Five™ and how it can transform your business and your life.

So please join me for an exciting and informative teleseminar that will provide you with expert tips, tools and strategies that you can apply to your business and your life.

Here's the link again where you can sign up for this FREE teleseminar and gain access to a FREE report on The Power of Five™:

Fuelling Your Business with Passion

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