Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Discover How You Can Take the Marketing and Sales of Your Book and Other Information Products to a New Level

The marketing of books and other information products is a highly competitive process. It is becoming increasing more challenging for authors to get their books sold via traditional means and so nowadays, creativity, ingenuity and an aggressive marketing plan is needed if you want to get your book noticed.

If you are an author, are about to become an author or if you sell information products you should attend Alex Mandossian's Preview Call for Virtual Book Tours.

Many authors physically travel from city to city doing book promotions and book signings. Admittedly, if you're a celebrity this does give the general public access to you but apart from that there are few benefits to this inefficient way to market your book.

An easier and more cost-effective way to promote your book is through teleseminars. Imagine sitting at home whether you live in the US, UK, Australia, Barbados and promoting your book to people all over the world. If you are doing book promotions in this way then you will not need to be a celebrity to draw a crowd. You just need a powerful message, an Internet connection and a phone.

Tomorrow, Alex Mandossian will be doing a special Preview Call for Virtual Book Tours. The admission is $99 but click the link below and you can save $79 on the tuition.

Preview Call Virtual Book Tours

This call will be jam-packed with great content and practical tips that you can put into ACTION IMMEDIATELY to improve your sales of books and or other information products.

Register for the call even if you can't make the live event because then you will have lifetime access to the recording of the call.

Here's what you will get for registering

~ Over 2 live hours of tele-training

~ Unlimited recorded access for life

~ Unconditional money-back guarantee

~ Multi-page Action Guide (PDF download)

Call in about 12 minutes early as there will be hundreds of individuals calling in and you want to ensure that you get connected without any hitches. Also calling in early will give you the opportunity to promotion for your business by simply introducing yourself and mentioning your website.

Special Bonus

If you have a book and would like to generate additional publicity for your book then I'll be happy to do a 45 minute interview you for FREE. You will then have an interview that you can repurpose in many different ways to help promote your new book.

So register your place for the Preview Call for Virtual Book Tours now to avoid disappointment.

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