Thursday, 29 May 2008

Success Secret - Eat a Live Frog

This success secret - "eat a live frog" - you will have undoubtedly heard about before though perhaps not expressed in this way. This is one of Brian Tracy's expressions and I love the visual imagery that eating a frog conjures up.

Frog's legs may be a delicacy in some parts of the world but one which I'm happy to forgo. So what exactly is this frog thing and success?

Eating a live frog is your biggest task. It is often the task that you hate or fear doing. And, even if your feelings are not so extreme you certainly experience a measure of discomfort just from thinking about doing this particular task.

Yet, when you do get around to doing it you'll often find that this task that you've been dreading doing so much was not so bad after all. Unfortunately, because you procrastinated you may find that opportunities available to you had you acted without hesitation, are no longer available to you. Your reluctance to eat your live frog will have an adverse impact on the level of success you will achieve.

As Brian Tracy says:

"The primary difference between a successful person and a failure comes down to a very simple thing. Successful people have the discipline to get up and get started on their most important task and they stay with it until it is done. Unsuccessful people don't have the discipline to do that so they always have to be supervised and managed by people who will make them do it…and of course pay them much less because supervision costs money.

"Whereas there are only about 2% of people in our society who can plan their day, pick the most important task and work solely on that until it is finished. And, these people are the highest earners, most successful, fastest promoted and highest paid."

If you are an employee, look around your workplace and you will see that this is generally true. If you are an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur then examine case studies of other entrepreneurs and you will see that this is the maxim by which they live their lives and conduct their business. This is what makes them a success. To quote Brian Tracy again:

"The bottom line is that successful people do more important things. They do them more often and they get better and better at them."

So starting today, eat a live frog. It gets easier each time you do it and you could grow to like this 'exotic' meal.

I'd love to hear your comments and discover what your "live frog" is. What are some of the things you habitually put off doing.


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