Friday, 6 June 2008

Listen to the Replay for Virtual Book Tours and Claim a $10 Amazon Gift Card

Alex Mandossian's Preview Call for Virtual Book Tours was jam-packed full of practical ideas that any writer, publisher or promoter of information products could immediately put into action to increase the sales of their book or information products.

Over 700 people paid to listen to the call live. You can still get a VIP discount to listen to the replay of the call so that you can pay just $20 instead of the $99 tuition fee for this teleseminar which lasted over 2 hours. Plus you can effectively listen to this call for half the discounted price because if you sign up to listen to the replay using the URL below you can claim a $10 Amazon Gift Card on me.

Preview Call Virtual Book Tour

When you sign up for the call you can either listen online or download the teleseminar and listen to it on your iPod or other MP3 player.

You can also download the multi-page full-colour Action Guide (PDF format) for this call which outlines the content for call with spaces for you to add notes so it's effectively a workbook. However, you also get to download a second version of this Action Guide with Alex's handwritten notes.

While this call was designed to be an introduction to Alex's Virtual Book Tours course it something that you can refer to time and time again for ideas to promote and sell books and information products. I can't tell you just how valuable this information is so do check it out for yourself and get a $10 Amazon Gift Card on me.

Here's some of what you will learn by listening to this call:

~ How to increase books sales even if your marketing budget is zero,

~ Why the traditional book marketing and promotion sales model is now obsolete,

~ How to sell more information products even if you don't know how to put up a website,

~ How to repurpose your content to increase sales and revenue,

~ How you can get access to the 6 most overlooked list-building tools, and

~ How to get things done faster, better and with less effort

Here's the link again to gain access to this teleseminar and my special bonus gift:

Preview Call Virtual Book Tour

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