Saturday, 14 June 2008

Discover How You Can Empower Yourself to WIN BIG at Work - FREE Teleseminar

Do you love your work or would one or more of the following statements be more applicable to you?

~ I am struggling to find job satisfaction.

~ I feel stressed and overwhelmed at work.

~ I don't feel as though I'm making progress at work.

~ I'm overlooked for promotions at work.

~ I don't feel appreciated at work.

~ I feel like a square peg in a round hole.

~ I want to change my job but am uncertain how to proceed.

~ I want to change my career but I have doubts - I'm afraid.

~ I lack motivation at work and so am not performing as well as I should and this adds to my frustration.

~ I hate my job but I need the money.

With respect to the latter point, Bob Proctor always says that you don't work for satisfaction and earn money from multiple streams of income. Elbert Hubbard has a similar point of view:

"We work to become, not to acquire."

Yet so many people are utterly miserable at work and are stuck in a job simply because they need money.

If you identified with any of the above statements then let's at least explore how you can gain more satisfaction from your work. It's great to feel totally energised at work, to look forward to going to work everyday, to feel appreciated, to receive pay that reflects the work that you have carried out…

So join me on a FREE teleseminar titled:

"Discover How You Can Empower Yourself to WIN BIG at Work"

I'll be interviewing Dion Johnson from "Unlocking Potentials" and grilling her on this subject.

You can sign up for the call by clicking the link below:

WIN BIG at Work

Do sign up for the call even if you cannot make the live event because then you'll be able to access the recording after the event and it will also make you eligible for any bonus gifts in relation to this call.

Once you register for this interview you can also submit a question for Dion regarding any specific challenges you may be facing at work and how you can increase your job satisfaction.

WIN BIG at Work

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