Monday, 16 June 2008

"How Would Love Respond?" Book Campaign Update

Thanks to all who supported Kurek Ashley's recent book launch of "How Would Love Respond?" which did as follows:

No. 1 Amazon Mover & Shaker
No. 1 Mental & Spiritual Bestseller
No. 2 Success, Hot New Releases
No. 2 Transformation Bestseller
No. 2 Spirituality Bestseller
No. 3 Religion & Spiritual Bestseller
No. 4 Barnes and Noble, Self Improvement

This is just one of the many rave reviews that this book has received:

"It [How Would Love Respond?"] reads like an action-adventure novel, but Kurek's book is truth, not fiction. How Would Love Respond tells the complete truth about self-transformation: what it takes, exactly how to do it.

I've been studying human development and personal transformation since the 1970s - I've read it all! And I've never read a more thorough transformation manual or one that was as honest in revealing the author's staggering personal trials and his exact steps to overcome them.

Kurek's suggestions are so logically practical- and he is so appealingly insistent in presenting them - that they become irresistible. This is not just a book, it's a life-altering experience."

Andrea Conway, "Law of Attraction Business Coach"

"How Would Love Respond?" is a beautifully written and inspirational book. If you have not already done so purchase a couple of copies today - one for you and one for someone you care about. You will gain access to thousands of dollars worth of FREE bonus gifts including a gift from me.

Get full details about this book campaign by clicking the link below:

"How Would Love Respond?" Book Campaign

"Imagine If You Were Given a Gift So Powerful That You Knew You Had to Share It with the World."
Kurek Ashley

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