Friday, 13 June 2008

Listen to Dr John Demartini's Akasha 2007 Presentation (4/4)

In the final part of Dr John Demartin's Akasha 2007 presentation he talks in greater detail about the power of gratitude. He also discusses:

~ The negative consequence of having contradictory thoughts and how to overcome this,

~ Why you should make gratitude a priority in your life,

~ The secret to longevity and leading a fulfilling life,

~ How you can use the power of affirmations to transform your life,

~ Why you should never give up on your dreams,

~ The secret to attracting wealth,

And more.

So pay rapt attention.

I hope you've enjoyed listening to Dr John Demartini's presentation. I've listened to it repeatedly. Bob Proctor says that when you read a good book you don't see something that wasn't there before you see something in you that wasn't there before. So as I re-listen to this recording my awareness expands and I have a greater appreciation of the message that Dr Demartini is sharing. I'm sure you will too.

Click the link below to listen to part 4 of Dr Demartini's presentation:

Dr John Demartini Akasha 2007 Pt4

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