Monday, 26 November 2007

A Fast, Economical and Effective Way to Build Your Client List

One of the questions I am asked most often by fellow coaches is how to build a list of clients. There are many ways to do this and many revolve around speaking. If no one knows that you're a coach then you're not going to get any clients and speaking is one of the most effective ways to tell people about yourself. Arvee Lee, a Persuasive Speaking Coach, says that she gains at least one new client every time she gives a speech or makes a presentation.

While you shouldn't overlook the many opportunities that will come your way to speak to individuals on a one-to-one basis the best model to use when spreading the word of your services is one-to-many. Now you can do this in person but one of the fastest, easiest, most economical and effective ways of doing this is via teleseminars.

You can use teleseminars to:

1. Introduce yourself and your products and or services to prospects;
2. Deliver coaching and training programs via teleseminars;
3. Conduct expert interviews using teleseminars;
4. Promote your book;
5. Teach others the contents of your book;
6. Create info products at the speed of sound;and much more.

I have to confess that I have not been fully utilising the power of teleseminars but in the New Year that will change as I have some special teleseminar events lined up. Among other things, I will be offering new coaching programs and the chance to attend a variety of informative interviews but here's how a special opportunity that you can benefit from right away.

Once a year, Alex Mandossian opens the doors to his acclaimed Teleseminar Secrets Mentoring program and on 06 December he is hosting a special preview call. As a co-sponsor of this event I have access to VIP passes to this special call so that you pay just $20 instead of $99 that those without a VIP pass pay. Plus if you're one of the first 200 registrants you'll receive a bonus FREE gift valued at $97. Simply visit Successful Teleseminar Screts to book your place.

This will be a content rich call at the end of which you will have learnt:

~8 Critical Marketing advantages you have when you host your own teleseminars
~How teleseminars help you to dramatically increase sales
~7 embarrassing mistakes that marketers make during their teleseminars and how to avoid them
9 embarrasssing mistakes that marketers make before their teleseminars and how to avoid them
~A 7 Step Action Plan that has been tried, tested and proven to deliver huge results
5 core attributes to find low-cost reliable copywriting experts, web-site builders, transcribers in fact everything you need to run your teleseminar business smoothly, efficiently and profitably
~How to use teleseminars to build a responsive list from a standing start.

Plus Alex will unlock the secrets to the case studies of 4 closely guarded campaigns that each produced over six figures in annual income but only required two hours of preparation. Naturally, I am not promising you these type of results immediately but over time, if you apply yourself and implement the Alex's proven strategies, you too will be able to use teleseminars to pull in huge profits.

So I urge you to visit Successful Teleseminar Secrets to register your place on this much anticipated preview call. The lines will fill up and so don't delay - ACT NOW!

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