Wednesday, 7 November 2007

The Secret to Fulfilling Your Potential

No doubt you will have often heard that you have unlimited potential and you may be frustrated at the fact that you are not fulfilling your potential. You know in your heart that you could be achieving more in your life. You want greater success in your life more than anything but despite all your efforts your progress is limited.

Allow me to offer an explanation - although it is not my idea but something I heard from James Ray, one of the stars of the DVD "The Secret".

You know that you are made up of DNA which contains your genetic code that is used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. Well, did you know that experiments have shown that the majority of people are using only about 25% of their DNA? How can anyone fulfil their potential if effectively they are "not all there"? This leads to two burning questions:

1. Why are we only using such a small percentage of our DNA, and
2. How can we "switch on" more of our DNA?

To answer these questions let's take a look at the results of an intriguing experiment conducted by the HeartMath LLC institute. In this particular experiment 28 vials of human placenta DNA were given to each of 28 researchers who had been trained in how to generate and sense feelings.

What this research discovered was that the DNA changed its shape according to what the researchers were feeling. When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration or stress, the DNA responded by becoming shorter and tighter. It also switched off many of the human DNA codes.

However, when the researchers felt joy, gratitude, love and appreciation the DNA strands relaxed and became longer. In addition, more of the human DNA codes were switched on.

In today's world people are often stressed. There is so much anger and violence in our society. People have developed a deep fear response to even the most mundane of things and people are often frustrated in their jobs and in their relationships. Is it any wonder that people are not fulfilling their potential? How can they? Simply put, they are not fully switched on.

Imagine the difference between lighting a small candle in an otherwise totally dark room compared to switching on a 100 watt light bulb. Imagine someone whispering your name compared to a stadium full of people screaming your name.

When you feel angry, frustrated and stressed you are literally like a tight coil. Undo the coil and you are able to release the energy trapped in the coil because it can now flow freely.

It is easy to express gratitude, love and appreciation but we are often too busy. Did you notice the clouds today? What about that magnificent tree or that beautiful flower? Did you just eat today without much giving the act much conscious thought or did you truly give thanks for the food you ate and savoured every bite? Expressing your gratitude will keep you connected to the omniscient power through which you receive everything including the gift of life itself.

Did you express your love today even to yourself? Your efforts at expressing your love for someone or even something may not seem to be appreciated yet, if it comes from your heart, it will always feel good.

Most people's self-talk is very negative. As speaker, Rob Bremer says:

"If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person?"

Dr Joe Vitale suggests that if we could simply replace the negative self-talk with the simple words "I love you" we could transform our lives.

"If you saturate your being with love you will neutralise anything that is negative within you."
Dr Joe Vitale

So the secret to fulfilling your potential is simply to let go. Release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs. They are not serving you. As you let go feel the energy surge through your body. Notice how calm and at peace you feel. Notice how much clearer you are about your life and how you gain a different and liberating perspective on issues that once bothered you.

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