Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Have You Parked Your Life?

I travelled to Barbados today. Unfortunately, I encountered a few challenges on my way to Gatwick Airport and so was later than I had intended arriving there. When I went to drop off my luggage the airline rep admonished me by saying:

"Where were you? You almost missed the flight."

Fortuitously, the flight was delayed by an hour and so I ended up being early by default. I didn't actually respond to the airline rep. I wasn't being rude. It was just that her question made me think.

I knew I was running late. There were points along my journey where, once I had committed myself to a particular decision, certain things were out of my control. There was no point in my fretting or worrying about it. I just had to play the cards that I held in my hands. Instinctively, I knew that I would make it on time, as long as I kept my head, and for me that was the important factor.

Many people experience setbacks when they set out on a journey. Yet, generally, if they have a plane to catch they will do their utmost to reach the airport on time. After all, they have made an investment in their intended journey whether it be for business or pleasure, and so they are determined to make the journey. However, in life, when people experience setbacks they often abandon the very idea of their trip even although the destination is somewhere better than where they currently are.

I believe that the fact you are here on this Earth means that you made an investment. You bought a ticket to Earth but your arrival here is just the start of your journey. Earth can be likened to a huge portal through which billions of people pass through on their way to various destinations. Regrettably, only a relative few actual reach their intended objective.

While I was waiting for the boarding gate for my flight to be announced something else caught my attention. There were several flights that were being delayed because passengers were late in getting to their respective planes. For instance, there was a flight to Dubai where I heard at least half a dozen imploring 'last boarding calls' for a passenger for this particular flight. It reached the stage where it was announced that the passenger's bags had been identified and they were about to remove them from the aircraft.

So people even make it as far as the airport but still don't take those last few steps to make it onto the plane that will take them to their destination. And some people treat their life goals in just the same way. My heart went out to the announcer who poured as much urgency into her message as she could muster to no avail in this particular case. Similarly, once we announce our intention, the Universe beckons us, urging us forward. If we don't take the initiative to keep moving towards our goal of moving from a lower state to a higher state, the Universe will also oblige for we are always in a state of attraction. We are either consciously attracting what we desire or unconsciously attracting what we do not desire. The Universe does not judge.

So where are you? Are you striving towards your goals and dreams or have you parked somewhere?

"Most people go so far in life and then they park."
Maya Angelou

You can either choose to stay where you are, though not as you are for you are ether making progress in life or you are regressing or you can choose to get on that plane to your intended destination. The flight may be somewhat turbulent but the journey will be well worth it. The Universe awaits your command.

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