Thursday, 30 August 2007

Spend an Evening or Two with Dr John Demartini!

Dr John Demartini will be hosting two special events in London on the 12 and 13 September 2007 and best of all you can attend for FREE!

Fresh from AKASHA 2007 where he received a full-house standing ovation that lasted close to three minutes, Dr John Demartini will be giving two powerful talks:

1. "Breakthrough in Business" on 12 September, and
2. "Breakthrough in Relationships" on 13 September

Tickets for these events are valued at £39 but you have the opportunity to get a complimentary ticket if you act fast.

At "Breakthrough in Business" discover how to:

~Transform disadvantages into blooming opportunities
~Reduce stress and cultivate a centred state of power and certainty
~Make more objective, effective and profitable decisions
~Breakthrough economic barriers and expand your vision
~Handle rapid change with posture, perspective and precision
~Handle difficult people more effectively
~Inspire and discipline yourself to expand your savings
~Create a greater sense of leadership and influence
~Navigate internal and external politics with clarity and appreciation

At "Breakthrough to Relationships" discover how to:

~Dissolve the emotional charge of any incident, emotion or person which may be controlling you and empower your life
~Identify your true values and create a greater level of power and leadership.
~Bring health and vitality to the body by having a balanced mind
~Understand the opposite sex and discover the truth about soul mates
~Break through limiting beliefs and obstacles that stand in the way of business success
~Appreciate wealth and expand your sphere of financial influence
~Understand the true nature of Love - why few have it - why even less maintain it - and how you can unleash its power in your partner and yourself
~Have the confidence to transform your business into an expression of who you truly are

If you want to take your business or relationships to a whole new level then these events are for you. You can attend one or both events depending upon your commitments and what you consider would be of most value to you.

Register for this event by clicking on the link below. Tickets will not last long so take action NOW!

The Demartini Experience

Seating is strictly limited and so book today!

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