Thursday, 30 August 2007

What's Holding You Back from Achieving Your Goals?

I was rudely awakened this morning by the sound of barking dogs. It is not a sound that I'm unaccustomed to as several of the neighbours have dogs but we don't and the sound was uncomfortably close. When I went to the back door there was not one but two large dogs barking and growling at me. There are some dogs that you can 'reason' with and others that you know not to mess with. These fell into the latter classification.

Now I love taking walking along the beach at sunrise. There's such a feeling of tranquillity. It gives me time to contemplate and reflect as well as energising me. This morning though, I was literally afraid to go outside for fear of being attacked by these strange dogs. I was a prisoner inside my own home!

I was annoyed. I wanted to go for my walk but there was nothing I could do until these dogs had been secured. My insect repellent just wasn't going to protect me from these vicious canines! So, as usual, when faced with tough situations, I look for the lessons I can learn.

This situation reminded me that many of us are in a prison, though we may not realise it.

"Too many people are living in a prison that they have themselves manufactured."

My threat was very real but the threats that we 'protect' ourselves from are often more imaginary than real. I'm talking about those doubts, fears and negative thoughts that hold you back from going after your dreams and fulfilling your potential.

The problem is that you often don't know that these limiting beliefs exist and so they silently sabotage your life. In my case the threat, fortunately, was loud and clear.

So is there something that you truly wish to do that you haven't as yet achieved? Is there a dream that you are holding closeted in your heart, refusing to even give it the light of day for fear that you will not succeed? If so, then you too are trapped in a prison.

"Within yourself deliverance must be searched for, because each man makes his own prison"
Edwin Arnold

Set aside some quiet time to reflect upon your goal or dream. Ask yourself what is really holding you back. You may encounter resistance but keep asking, keeping probing until you find the answer. Once you have found the answer you have found your prison bars.

Then ask yourself if you are willing to let go of these negative emotions. Visualise the bars that surround you literally dissolving into thin air or crumbling into dust or imagine yourself filled with superhuman strength that allows you to grip those bars and pull them apart so you can step free. See yourself walking away from that small, confined box and towards your goal or dream. Keep your focus straight ahead. The bright light you see ahead is yours to claim.

Make today a great day!

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