Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Using the Power of Intention and the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want in Life

"The work of your life is to discover your purpose and get on with the business of living it out."
Oprah Winfrey

All too often in life we're trying to figure out how to get what we want when we haven't clearly identified who we are let alone what we truly want. It is not our responsibility to figure out the mechanisms of getting what we want. It is our duty simply to intend what we want.

When you set your intention and hold steadfast to it the Universe shifts to begin the process of manifesting that which you desire. The key is to think consistently about what you want.

"Prayer is what you do between praying."

One of my clients was wrestling with having the faith that she can change her life and live the lifestyle she truly desires. We were discussing the power of intention and the Law of Attraction and I suggested that she should set her intention on something small and relatively easy to achieve and work her way up to bigger and more challenging goals. The rationale behind this was that with every success her belief in the power of intention and the Law of Attraction would increase.

Towards the end of our session she mentioned that she had been trying, unsuccessfully to contact the organisers of a seminar that she had a ticket for. I asked what she wanted and she said she wanted to know if she could take a guest along because she wished her daughter to attend.

It so happened that I had a spare ticket which I wanted to pass onto someone who would make good use of it. I offered her the ticket and then laughed out loud. "Did you see what just happened?" I asked.

It was a perfect example of the Law of Attraction at work.

Imagine you are in restaurant. Your table is simply set and while you have been provided with bread and water there is no menu. While people come and go the restaurant remains full and you notice that some people are enjoying sumptuous meals with course after course. Others are eating well but more modestly. In fact, there seems to be a full spectrum starting with those with barely enough food and drink to get by and following through to those who appear to have an abundance.

At first you feel resentment and possible envy at those who seem to have so much. Then those feelings fade and you start to focus on what you would like to eat. You are grateful for the bread but you think how nice it would be to have some hot soup to go with it. You close your eyes. You can see the colour of the soup with gentle wafts of steam coming from the bowl, feel the smooth fluid flowing down your throat, you can almost smell its rich aroma. Wait a minute! You can smell hot soup! You open your eyes as a waiter places a bowl of soup in front of you. As he retreats you hear the words, though they are not actually spoken,

"Ask and you will receive."

Your mouth is watering now and so you tuck into the soup, savouring every mouthful. All too soon the soup is finished but your appetite has not been fully appeased. If anything the soup only served to whet your appetite. Without being fully conscious of what you are doing you start to create a full meal in your mind. You are so hungry that you allow your imagination to get carried away and you visualise the meal with great detail. Meanwhile you feast your eyes with the rich meals that you see around you but rather than feel envy you use the rich sights to enhance your own visualisation.

Some time elapses when suddenly the waiter appears before you again. He places a dish in front of you and then proceeds to add several other items. It's the meal that you were visualising except for one dish which you are not sure about. Then it hits you. There was one part of your meal that you had difficulty focusing on. Consequently, you lacked clarity on this particular dish.

You beam gratefully at the waiter and then the impact of the words you heard before hits you,

"Ask and you will receive."

The waiter gives an almost imperceptible nod and vanishes as quickly and silently as before.

"Thank you!"

You utter the words silently and gratitude resonates in every fibre of your being. You understand now how to get what you want.
You whip out your napkin and are about to tuck in when you feel a pair of eyes staring intently not so much at you, but at the delicious meal spread before you. You stand up and extend your arms beckoning,

"I have an abundance of food and drink. Come share this meal with me."

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