Thursday, 22 February 2007

Are You Attracting or Repelling Money into Your Life?

"One of the reasons many people do not have money is that they are silently or openly condemning it."
Joseph Murphy, How to Attract Money

Ask anyone if they would like or could use more money and they will probably answer with a resounding "Yes!"

However, many individuals say they want more money in their lives but are unconsciously repelling it.

For instance, the other day I was visiting a friend who was showing me around their home. I couldn't help but notice that in almost every room we entered there was money on the floor. Now granted, the money I am talking about here was mainly 1p or 2p coins; still the sub-conscious mind doesn't differentiate. What was lying around, ignored and neglected, was money.

Here's the thing, I know that my friend wanted more money in her life but the messages she was sending out were "I don't care about money", "I don't need money", " Money is not important to me" and, in her own words "Easy come easy go." My friend was repelling money.

Unlike having money carelessly lying around, placing money strategically around your home - perhaps on a bookshelf, in a jar, in a drawer, etc. can convey a very different message to the sub-conscious mind. For instance, in this case the main messages could be, "I have plenty of money" or "Money is in abundance". Now this may not be actually true, initially, but if this empowering belief is communicated on a regular basis then you will start acting in a way to make your lifestyle consistent with the subliminal messages your sub-conscious mind is receiving.

You will start to have money-making ideas and see money-making opportunities. You will recognise ways in which you can save money and money will come to you from unexpected sources. In other words you will start attracting money.

I mentioned that the money my friend had lying around was mostly 1p and 2p coins. However, even small change can be converted into vast riches. Ian Goldbart, aged 43, recently launched a £5m coin investment fund, the first in Britain. Goldbart's fortune started with just tuppence. Okay, this tuppenny was special. It was a 1797 Cartwheel penny which his father bought for him for five pounds in Portobello Road home to a market that is internationally renowned for its second-hand and antiques sections. That was over 30 years ago and this simple purchase ignited a passion in young Goldbart that he has turned into a highly successful and lucrative career.

"What you believe about money will play a greater role in your level of prosperity than and in your enjoyment of that prosperity than most people imagine."

He didn't see this small change as valueless - quite the opposite. Aim's Avarae Global Coins skims off the cream of the collectible coins market, approximately 10%, leaving the bulk of the market unaffected. In fact, this strategy of focussing only on the very best quality examples is something we can apply throughout our lives. Naturally, these coins tend to the most expensive. Goldbart's father may have paid just £5 for the tuppenny piece but his fund recently purchased a rare coin, an Edward III for £400,000 Gold Double Florin. There are three such coins in existence and, to illustrate just how valuable they are, the British Museum own the other two.

If you do have limiting beliefs about money; if you are silently or openly condemning money then you can change your attitude.

"Every person has the ability to change their inner relationship and conversation with money."
Loral Langemeier, Financial Strategist

You can achieve this through positive affirmations. Another way to change your limiting beliefs about many is a way to start this process is to look for a penny or a cent when you are out and about and pick it up. This will affirm to your self-conscious mind that you are open and willing to receive money. You will probably be surprised at how often you find money lying around when you focus your attention on this. You may also find that the Universe will challenge you and present money in situations where you might ordinarily be embarrassed to pick up a penny or a cent. The question is "Will you still pick it up and, in so doing, attract even more wealth into your life? Or, will you walk on by and repel money from entering your life?

"Wealth is a mind set. Money is literally attracted to you or repelled from you. It's all about how you think."
The Secret

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