Sunday, 17 December 2006

Who Am I?

This poem came about from one of the workshops I lead a while ago. I'd forgotten all about it until I stumbled upon it again today so I thought I'd share it with you.

I would love to hear your responses to the question "Who Am I?" Please feel free to leave your comments.

I am a wandering soul
Seeking enlightment and spreading my light wherever I go.

I am love
My love is abundant and flows freely from me and to me.

I am truth
Know this to be so and fear not.
Cast away the many layers and you too will see what I’ve always known.

I am spirit
Become manifest in glorious physical form so that I can embrace life and contribute towards the expansion of our universe.

I am destiny
It is I who determines and shapes my purpose in life.
I create my future.

I am peace
I go through life calmly displaying my poise and grace and imparting tranquillity.

I am fun
I live life with exuberance.
Laughter bubbles up from within and bursts from my lips.

I am harmony
Whole and balanced, living as one with self, others and my environment.

I am excitement
I look forward to each day with great anticipation.
It is such a joy to be alive!

I am freedom
No chains can bind me, no walls can confine me.
My indomitable spirit breaks through all constraints.

I am a mother
I give birth to children and I also give birth to ideas – ideas that only come into being because of me and through me.

I am wisdom
Of ages past and times still to come.

I am an educator
Learning is great but drawing others’ knowledge from the inside out is powerful.

I am strength
My arms cradle a new born babe or the earth with equal ease.

Who am I?
There will never be another like myself.
I have a unique contribution to make to the world.
I am so happy and grateful for this extraordinary gift of life.
I am me.

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