Monday, 18 December 2006

The False Sense of Security of Your Comfort Zone

Imagine being in a neighbourhood that you don't like very much. Maybe it doesn't feel safe. Maybe the environment isn't clean. The reason for your disliking this neighbourhood doesn't matter just picture yourself there and you will have the setting for a dream I had some time ago.

In my dream I was in an exquisite glass building. I have never seen such a beautiful glass building before or since. I recall being aware that I was dreaming and, with a mixture of amazement and frustration, thinking to myself, "If my sub-conscious mind can conjure up something this magnificent, why can't my conscious mind create something like this?"

This glass building was filled with beautiful plants and water features, i.e. the things that really appeal to my senses. I was wandering around just drinking it all in through my eyes. I could see outside the building but I was beguiled by my surroundings. I didn't want to leave.

There was so much to absorb inside of the building still, from time to time, my eyes were drawn to its actual structure and I made two curious revelations. Even though I was aware that I was in an area that, to me, was undesirable the transparent glass was acting like a barrier. The second thing I noticed was that every plane of glass had the letter X etched into it. It was subtly done and in no way detracted from the beauty of the building, still those Xs were everywhere.

As I was strolling around I came to a particular water feature, it was like a pond that had a walkway stretched across it. I sensed that the walkway led to "outside". There were two people standing by this walkway. They made no attempt to speak to me yet I felt that, as I was examining the walkway, they were uncomfortable, even agitated.

I then saw that the walkway was glistening. I stooped down and placed my hand on it. As I suspected, it was wet. "I won't risk it," I thought to myself. "I might slip and fall."

At the same time my conscious mind was thinking, "But it's only a shallow pool! How far can you fall? If you take your time you can cross safely. Heck! If you're that worried get down on your hand and knees and crawl across!"

My dream-self couldn't hear me.

I decided instead to continue with my exploration of this glass palace. As I did so I noticed that the figures by the side of the pool seemed relieved and they disappeared merging with the other people who were strolling around.

It was indeed a weird dream. I was a participant as well as an active observer but with no powers to control what my sub-conscious mind was trying to show me.

So what was the lesson here?

You see, before I fell asleep I had been listening to one of Bob Proctor's Foundational Principles for LifeSuccess CDs called The X-Y factor. In this CD he describes the X-factor as our deep-rooted conditioning. This sub-conscious conditioning controls our thoughts, actions and hence our results. We only do things that are in harmony with the X-conditioning and so we forms habits or paradigms that are in keeping with this conditioning and we get X-results. The fact that these results may not be what we desire is of no consequence.

Most of the time we are blissfully unaware of our X-paradigm until something stirs in us and we attempt to do something different which would lead to us achieving Y-results. To be successful in doing this we need to re-condition our mind and form a new paradigm. However, our sub-conscious mind resists change and we feel uneasy. Unless we understand what is happening to us when those negative and self-defeating emotions assail us, as they will, we will not have the courage or strategies to overcome them.

In my dream resistance was represented by two people standing by the side of the pool and my own exaggerated thoughts of the danger of "crossing over". In real life you too will meet with opposition from others. Just look at what famous inventors and entrepreneurs throughout the ages have endured in their quest to give birth to their ideas.

The bigger the shift we try to make the greater the resistance that we will encounter. This is why we are often advised to make massive change for whether you aim to make a small change or a big change you go through the same process each time and you will experience doubt, fear and anxiety.

I urged my dream-self to crawl to freedom but I could have just as easily used the slippery nature of the path and skidded across - metaphorically crashing through my terror barrier. As Abraham Maslow said,

"You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety."

There I was in a part of town that I didn't want to be in, wandering aimlessly around with no sense of direction but I was lulled into a false sense of security. In my dream I allowed myself to be distracted. My sub-conscious mind knows my love of nature and water and so it used these things to mesmerize me. I could see outside. I knew I could walk out anytime I wanted to but my sub-conscious mind had created a comfort zone within a place I didn't want to be. I was trapped in my X-zone.

Sure there were risks involved in moving out of that comfort zone but the risks were miniscule compared to the potential gains. My glass palace was, in reality, a prison and, as Vernon Howard, author of Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, says,

"You can't escape from prison if you don't know you're in one."


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