Thursday, 7 December 2006

It's Raining...Money!

I was suddenly aware that the sky had grown dark. Then I heard the deep rumble of thunder. The wind, not to be outdone, ripped through the mostly naked branches of trees, howling with delight as the branches bowed and swayed. I smiled.

"Stormy weather," I thought. "It'll rain soon."

Minutes later the wind picked up even more force and I heard hundreds of knocks against my living room window as rain and hailstones, the size of small peas, hammered against the window. My smile broadened.

I love stormy weather, particularly at night when I can curl up in bed with a good book. This was in the middle of the day but no matter, it still felt good. I create personalised subliminal MP3s and one of the ones which I've created for myself is called Become a Money Magnet.

The subliminal MP3s consist of positive affirmations set to music or sounds of nature. The affirmations can be on any theme you choose and are subliminal because they are just audible to the sub-conscious mind. In this way they by-pass the analytical and critical conscious mind and go straight to work helping you to make positive changes at a sub-conscious level which is where effective and lasting change needs to occur.

I use various scientifically proven techniques to literally turbo-boost the subliminal messages so even if you were listening to a 30min track your sub-conscious mind would hear the messages hundreds of times. What's more, no effort, other than you playing and listening to the MP3, is needed on your part. These subliminal MP3s are a very powerful way to create positive changes in your life.

Now my personal Become a Money Magnet MP3, as you've probably guessed, is set to the sound of a thunderstorm.

You have, no doubt, heard of Pavlov's dogs. Ivan Pavlov, a Russian scientist did an experiment where he would strike a bell when his dogs were fed. The dogs salivated in anticipation of the meal. After a while, Pavlov would simply strike the bell without feeding the dogs. The dogs still salivated because by now their minds had been conditioned to expect food on hearing the bell.

So when I hear thunder and rain I get money-making ideas. Obviously, it's not the only time that this happens but when I listen to storms I have a heightened acuity to money-making ideas.

The storm lasted about 10-15 minutes. During that time I saw way to improve projects that I am currently working on and I had two new money-making ideas. Not bad eh!

By the time the storm started I was in the bath (no I wasn't trying to enhance the effect!). I couldn't wait to get out so that I could jot my ideas down. I heard someone say that ideas are like slippery fish. You have got to catch them with a pen or pencil before they get away.

"Yeah," I can hear you say. "So what do you do when it's not raining?"

That's easy. I earn money. After all, you know what they say…

"Make hay while then sun shines."


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