Monday, 11 December 2006

Why Skyline Coaching And Why You Should Set MEGA Goals

It was one of those lazy Sunday afternoons. I had drifted off into a light sleep on my settee. When I awoke I glanced out of the window and saw two perfectly parallel jet streams stretched across the sky. Now I see planes from my window on a frequent basis. I even used to see Concorde before it was decommissioned and so jet streams are a common sight but these parallel lines has special meaning to me.

I had been preparing a workshop on Goal Achieving that weekend and so, as I cast my eyes on the lower jet stream, I thought to myself, "That's the mistake that many people make. They set their sights too low."

It reminded me of Jack Canfield's concept of minimum, target and outrageous goals. Looking at the second jet stream I thought, "That's where they should set their target."

No sooner had I expressed this thought then another plane flew across the sky, higher that the previous jet streams and forming yet another parallel line. I smiled. The message was clear – literally written in the sky. I believe that we are given signs, clues to guide us through this journey called life, and this was a sign to me.

I had been trying to come up with a name for my coaching business and when I saw those jet streams I had a name for my business – Skyline Coaching.

The third jet stream was like throwing down the gauntlet. It was saying that we ought to set outrageous goals, MEGA goals, goals that excite and scare us at the same time.

"Make no little plans;
They have no magic to stir men's blood
And probably themselves will not be realised.
Make big plans; aim high in hope and work,
Remembering that a noble, logical diagram
Once recorded will not die."
David H Burnham

We often set goals based on what we already know how to achieve. This defeats the very purpose of goal setting for it is what you become during the process of achieving your goal that is really important. If you already know how to achieve a goal then it isn't really a goal, it's a plan. When you set goals that are truly challenging you will not know how to achieve your goal. You just have to have faith that they way will be shown to you.

"Go as far as you can go and then you will see the way to go further."

We need to learn to simply set our goals, establish our intent and let the Universe figure out the 'how'. This is what makes life interesting because we don't know how things will turn out and we don't know the impact of our actions and how something seemingly insignificant at the time could have tremendous significance later on.

However, in setting huge goals there is a contradiction, many people become paralysed by the thought of really enormous goals, so much so in fact that even articulating such goals is in itself a challenge. People are sometimes afraid of the consequences of admitting their heart's desire. The thing is, the Universe hears our thoughts, every one of them, whether they are good or bad, negative or positive, and starts to manifest what you are thinking.

So you might think - no problem then. If that is the case why do I even need to express my goals? There are several reasons for this. If you are reluctant to express your goals it generally means that you have reservations or doubts as to whether or not you can actually accomplish your goals. Expressing your goals is a sign of commitment. It demonstrates that you are at least half serious about achieving your particular goal.

There are many reasons why saying our goals is advantageous. However, if you are not expressing your goals because of the doubts that you might be experiencing then guess what? It's is these negative thoughts that are permeating the universe so that you start to attract what it don't want instead of what you want.
The Law of Attraction is always working. It doesn't distinguish between negative or positive, large or small. It may take more time and in some regards effort to achieve a relatively large and complex than one that is more modest but what if you knew you could not fail? What goals would you set?


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