Monday, 21 August 2006

Why You Need A Coach

Last week, Andy Murray seeded at No. 31 in the ATP world rankings, beat No.1 seed Roger Federer in straight sets at the Cincinnati Masters. Now that surely wasn’t supposed to happen. However, over the last few weeks the 19-year-old Scot, whose career has always looked promising, has been going from strength to strength. Murray was also runner-up in Legg Mason Classic in Washington just days before claiming his biggest win to date and beating Federer 7-5, 6-4.

So what has come over young Murray these past few weeks? The answer is Murray has a new coach. Brad Gilbert, former coach to Andre Agassi, is Murray's new coach. What is truly amazing is that the aforementioned successes have occurred within 3 weeks of Murray working with Gilbert.

You’re probably thinking that’s sport. Yes, and in the same way a "Life Coach" can work with you to help you achieve what you want. In fact that’s a fundamental part of the relationship you form with your coach – knowing what you want.

I would bet that Murray didn’t approach Gilbert and say “I’d like to be a better tennis player.” He was probably very precise in saying I want to move x number of places up the ATP rankings this year, I want to reach to least the semi-finals of x number of tournaments, I want to win x number of tournaments, etc. In other words Murray would have been very clear about what he wanted to get from his relationship with Gilbert and he would have been very clear about the qualities he wanted in his new coach.

On his part, Gilbert, having analysed Murray’s tennis skills, and also knowing what he himself was capable of achieving with clients, may have even challenged Murray to stretch himself a bit more and may have worked with Murray to create more demanding but achievable goals. Alternatively, he may have encouraged Murray to make his time frame for achieving his goals more realistic. He too would want his new client to possess certain qualities or at least agree to certain ground rules such as completing the recommended training.

You see, even with the best coach in the world, it is the client who ultimately has to do the work to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Yet, I know that when some clients hire a coach they are not at all sure what they want to achieve. They just know that they want to improve the quality of their life and that’s fine too because a coach can also help you discover what you really want in life,make it crystal clear, as well as help you to attain it.

A coach will support you when others may laugh at what you are trying to accomplish. A coach will help give you the courage to dream and then help you to turn those dreams into reality. A coach will help you to see how you might achieve your goal more quickly.

A coach will help keep you motivated when the going gets tough. A coach will see through your dramas, diversion tactics, etc. – all the things you do when fear gets in the way of your achieving what you desire – and keep you on target.

"As life gets more frenzied, people are struggling to find balance and purpose. A coach simply helps you realise a more fulfilling and harmonious life, faster and easier." Dayton Daily News

All the world’s greatest achievers all had or have a coach (or mentor). If you want to be successful then you need to hire a coach too.


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