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Life Mastery: NOWHERE or NOW HERE - The Present is Perfect

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In my last article I wrote about pursuing excellence instead of perfectionism and here I am telling you that the present is perfect. Don't worry, I'm not changing my tune but I do like to stir things up a bit.

Sometimes you hear people say,

"I feel like I’m going nowhere."

Then I heard Frank Gasiorowski ( comment that the word "nowhere" actually consists of two words "now" and "here". It gave me a new perspective on the issue of "going nowhere".

When a person says that they are going nowhere it is really an admission that they don’t recognise that the present is perfect.

All we ever have is NOW and until we can accept that the present is indeed perfect with all its glorious imperfections it will always feel like we are "going nowhere". Life will always feel like a struggle.

In reality, at any given moment in time, the truth is we are "now here".

Please don't take this as just a play on words. This is such a fundamental concept. If more people got it then more people would be happier and more likely to achieve what they want in life.

When we think we are going nowhere we are, in effect, resisting our present circumstances and what we resist persists. See where I'm going with this?

So by identifying what keeps showing up in our lives, i.e. what persists, we can clearly identify what we are resisting. With that new awareness we are empowered to make changes to our lives that give us what we want.

According to the Law of Attraction we attract what we think about so, now, instead of putting energy into what we don't want we can focus instead on what we do want. This can be challenging if your present circumstances bear little or no resemblance to the life you desire. However, you must be able to see it clearly in your mind before you can hold it in your hands. Everything is created twice - first on the spiritual plane and then on the physical plane.

Once you have identified what it is that you want, work backwards from your goal. You will then see the steps that need to be taken in order for you to progress from where you are to where to want to be. When you keep your eye on your goal rather than on your present circumstances the challenges and obstacles that come your way will not seem so insurmountable.

"Obstacles are what we see when we take our eye off the goal."

When we can appreciate life with all its trials and tribulations we realise that instead of going nowhere we are indeed on a magnificent journey which we have the power to design – like one of those package holidays where you select the specific elements that appeal to you and the type of holiday you want to enjoy.

How we shape our lives is totally dependent on what we do with our lives every moment of the day right now, right here.

"Each moment in time we have it all, even when we think we don't."
Melody Beatie

So instead of striving for perfectionism, strive for mastery. Lessons in Mastery by Anthony Robbins is an excellent resource to help you achieve this goal.

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