Friday, 25 August 2006

Stretch Yourself Today if You Want to Achieve Your Goals

"Sound when stretched is music.
Movement when stretched is dance.
Mind when stretched is meditation.
Life when stretched is celebration."

One of the reasons why people like to go to exercises classes or hire a Personal Trainer rather than go to the gym and work out on their own is because the Exercise Instructor or Personal Trainer will push you beyond the point you would normally go on your own. Naturally, this has to be done within reason and safety but, 9 times out of 10, if I ask my clients to give me one more rep they are able to do so.

For a few seconds they silently express resentment towards me – there’s that look in their eyes – but I’ve developed armour against these mental daggers. Then they complete the extra rep and a tired but satisfied look comes over their faces. They pitched mind against body and the mind won. They stretched themselves.

Often the tasks that face us in life appear so huge, so daunting, that we don’t even start. Yet, if we exerted just 1% more effort in what we doing each and every day then the huge task would slowly crumble in submission.

We often feel like we are not making any progress or limited progress and so we give up when sometimes all that was needed was just that little bit more effort. We just need to stretch ourselves.

That extra 1% performed consistently over time has a compound effect on our productivity. It can to a hundredfold effect on our results. Hundredfold? Yes, it’s when that little extra effort suddenly produces incredible results. Then you think to yourself “Why did it have to take so long?” Or perhaps “Why did it have to be so difficult?”

Well, the Universe will grant what you ask but the Universe has a way of testing your resolve and commitment towards your goals. The Universe knows that you will gain more as a result of the process you have to go through in order to achieve your goal than if you simply acquired the goal. So the Universe asks that you stretch yourself.

How will you stretch yourself today? What extra task will you complete? Stretching yourself might simply mean really looking after your well-being today - ensuring that you eat 100% healthily, for example. Maybe you will go out of your way to lend someone a helping hand.

Perhaps now is the time to re-consider the goal you were about to abandon. Perhaps it is very achievable after all. If you focus on the reward then stretching yourself will become easy – effortless.

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