Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Bullet Proof Your Life With NLP

I recently completed my NLP Practitioner’s Certification with Dr Topher Morrison or Topher as he is known to his colleagues, students and friends. While I was already familiar with NLP through my training to become a Life Coach and the Sports Psychology Diploma I did some time ago, this course took my appreciation and understanding of NLP to a whole new level.

During the NLP training, our practical sessions of which there were many, were a revelation. Several students, including myself made incredible breakthroughs and or gained new insights into our personas. Just imagine having the ability to:

 Invoke a resourceful state at will,
 Let go of negative emotions,
 Improve how you tap into your authentic being,
 Remove limiting beliefs and or decisions,
 Transform procrastination into motivation,
 Improve your negotiation skills,
 Become a power seller,
 Create a “memory” in you future to greatly assist you in actualising your goals, and
 Unleash the power within you.

Well, NLP can help you to achieve all this and so much more. NLP can help you to bullet proof your life so that, when it comes to setting and achieving desired outcomes, you are virtually unstoppable.

I really believe, and I’m sure that you will agree, that the skills of your teacher, mentor or coach can make a huge difference to your learning experience. Topher is an excellent teacher and, while I know he has honed his skills over the years, he is one of those gifted individuals who, I believe, was born to teach.

His passion, integrity and depth of knowledge shine through. He is very down to earth and has a wicked sense of humour. The respect his peers have for him is evident. Throughout the course several of his colleagues dropped by to watch the Master NLP Trainer at work and those who were themselves NLP Master Practitioners and Trainers helped to guide us students.

I highly recommend NLP to anyone wanting to improve the quality of their life and relationships as well as those who wish to use NLP in business settings to enhance their own career. And, in my opinion, you couldn’t wish for a better trainer than Dr Topher Morrison.

There are four main levels of NLP training:

1. Practitioner Certification
2. Master Practitioner Certification
3. Trainer’s Training Certification
4. Master Trainer Development Program

So there’s an exciting progression route in NLP training catering to those who are mainly interested in using NLP in their personal lives, though to those who want to use NLP in business applications and those wishing to make a career out of NLP itself.

Topher loves to create “epic adventures” for his students and what could be more epic than exploring your own mind using NLP. As a race, we may have learnt a lot about the mind but it still remains the greatest and most marvellous of all mysteries. And what could be more thrilling than knowing that you can develop your use of language with such specificity that you can create whatever you desire.

Upcoming courses by Dr Topher Morrison:

The course I attended was in London but there are still a few places available on the upcoming courses in Tampa, Florida this year.

 NLP Practitioner Certification (21 – 27 October 2006)
 NLP Master Practitioner Certification (29 October – 10 November 2006)

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  1. Congrats for your completion of NLP Certification.