Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Tools to Reclaim Your Power – Reclaiming Your Health And More With Dr Norm Shealy

The Tools to Reclaim Your Power Teleseminar Series got off to a great start last week with neurosurgeon Dr Norm Shealy.

This teleseminar series is very timely. We live in an age where there are unprecedented demands on our energy and unless we learn how to recognise the drains we have on our energy as well as how we can replenish our energy what we are able to accomplish will be limited. What's more energy drains can also lead to ill-health.

In his interview with Lisa Garr, Dr Norm Shealy said that the standard American diet can reduce the average lifespan by six years, can cause disease at the end of our lifespan for up to 20 years and can even cause death.

He also talked about the importance of controlling negative emotions such as anger, guilt, anxiety and depression:

"You cannot afford what I call the luxury of anger, guilt, anxiety or depression over anything – it doesn't matter what it is. If you are angry, depressed, etc. it's going to cause disease sooner or later. And it's going to cause disease, in general, in the part of your body which is most fragile that is genetically acquired as well as emotionally because there are connections between various parts of the body and emotions."

Here are some of the other highlights of Dr Shealy's interview:

~ The types of stress you should be aware of and safeguard yourself against.
~ Some of Dr Shealy's own lifestyle practices for staying fit and healthy.
~ Common allergens for sufferers of migraines.
~ What over-the-counter drug taken for headaches and migraines can actually aggravate migraines.
~ The characteristics commonly associated with individuals who suffer from dysfunctions of the thyroid or spleen and migraines.
~ A simple, easy-to-learn and practice technique that is effective in 80% of all known.
~ Tips on how to overcome insomnia and anxiety.
~ Tips on how to improve your memory.
~ Tips on how to live to be 100 and beyond.
~ Why regular exercise is so important and guidelines on the minimum amount of exercise you should aim to achieve in your daily routine.

The free 48 hours replay for this interview is no longer available but you can actually pay for the recordings of this and other interviews and then you can listen to the recordings at your leisure and convenience.

Tools to Reclaim Your Power

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