Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Reclaim Your Power - Limit Your Exposure to Negative People

Motivational Speaker, Les Brown is fond of saying that some people are so negative that if you put them into a dark room they'll start to develop and in the Tools to Reclaim Your Power teleseminar and after talking about a telephone call he received that day that wasn't very positive he issued the following warning:

"Limit the exposure that you allow people to have to you who don't bring you good news."

We are literally surrounded by negativity. It's on the television. It's on the radio. Negativity is blazoned across many of our magazines and newspapers. However, as well as what you consciously see and hear you can also pick up negativity on a subliminal or sub-conscious level as well. The degree to which you resonate with these negative messages will affect your level of receptivity to them.

However, if you're reading this then it's reasonable to assume that you're an ambitious person who wants to be successful in life or become even more successful. To achieve this goal you must safeguard your mind although your mind may be where the trouble begins.

Many people have what is like a tape playing over and over in their mind and unfortunately, not only is most of it negative but 90% of the time it goes unoticed. With all this negativity it's a wonder that anyone achieves success.

To achieve success you have to develop the right mindset.

"You have to deliverately program your mind for success; life will program you for failure."
Les Brown

Some people make the mistake of sharing their goals and dreams with people who are not supportive. And studies have shown that for every time someone ridicules your goal or dream that it takes 17 reassurances to counteract the negative statement.

Some people are able to use other people's negativity as fuel but this isn't always easy to do. So when your goals and dreams are in the incubation stage – protect them for they are vulnerable. Shield them from negativity.

Les Brown shared much more in his Tools to Reclaim Your Power interview including:

~ What you must absolutely guard yourself against.
~ Just why it's generally such a challenge to express our full potential in life.
~ How people let the media usurp their power.
~ 3 key reasons why people remain stuck and living in fear.
~ The value of your story and your ability to communicate strategically.
~ Tips on how to be an engaging public speaker.
~ The importance of getting out of your own way when it comes to delivering your message.
~ Why you must deliberately program your mind for success.
~ How the likes of Earl Nightingale and Dr Norman Vincent Peale had a positive influence on Les Brown even while he was still a child.

The bad news is that the period to listen to the free replay has expired. The good news is you can still listen for free to interviews with 22 other world-renowned personal development experts by simply clicking the link below and registering to receive updates about the Tools to Reclaim Your Power teleseminar series.

Tools to Reclaim Your Power

You also have the option of paying for the recordings so that you can have the convenience of listening to the entire teleseminar series wherever and whenever you choose, including the Les Brown interview.

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