Wednesday, 3 February 2010

47 Hearts - Discover How to Live Your Dream Life While Giving Children The Chance to Simply Live

On 14th February 2010, Dr Mani Sivasubramanian a heart surgeon and infopreneur will be launching his second printed book called:

"47 Hearts: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams and Reach Your Goals with Passion, Purpose and Persistence"

And you can download a digital version of this book for FREE, read it from beginning to end, and then if you are so moved purchase the physical book and or make a donation to Dr Mani's Children's Heart Foundation.

I've never met Dr Mani but I know of his annual fundraising events. And when I read 47 Hearts I could feel his selflessness, compassion and love. He is completely open in sharing his journey from being inspired as a child to become a surgeon to becoming a surgeon and using his skills to save young lives.

And as he recounts his story he shares the lessons he's learnt along the way that can help you turn your heart's desire into reality.

It's a beautiful book that I urge you to at least read even if you do not go on to support the cause but I issue you a warning. You cannot read this book and not be changed by it. So read this book at your own risk.

Dr Mani's mission is to use his skills as a surgeon to repair the hearts of babies and young children to improve their health and possibly even save their lives. And he uses his skills as a writer and infopreneur to help facilitate his desire to heal children suffering with congenital heart disease.

Thus far 47 operations have been sponsored and it is his aim to have 47 more operations sponsored this year. A later target is 47 operations a month, then 47 operations in a week and so on.

In my last post about the $92K Mission I mentioned that even although I thought the goal was worthy, I didn't think it was a stretch for the individual concerned. Dr Mani himself acknowledges that his more ambitious goals are a stretch but it's a stretch he willingly to make and one he eagerly embraces.

Each operation costs about $2,500. The State Government provides a subsidy of 50% leaving Dr Mani's Children's Heart Foundation needing to raise $1,250 for each operation.

So if a group of 47 individuals were able to contribute a $1 per day towards this cause they could fund an operation a month thus saving 12 young lives a year. It then only needs 47 such teams to achieve the target of 47 hearts healed every month.

I can hear Les Brown's voice echoing in my head...

"It's possible."

I'm sure that you, like me, probably have your own special causes that you regularly donate to. And it's not possible to support every cause there is but if what you've read here has touched your heart in some way I urge you to give Dr Mani your support.

You don't even have to make a monetary donation, although of course that would be most beneficial. Simply share this message with at least 47 other individuals.

Please click the link below for full details:

Thank you.