Monday, 12 October 2009

FREE Teleseminar with Raymond Aaron, Double Your Income Doing What You Love Author

Raymond Aaron has been stirring things up recently by giving away FREE copies of his bestselling book "Double Your Income Doing What You Love". He's even autographing them! His arm must be aching by now but for someone who has completed a 350-mile foot race to the magnetic North Pole while dragging a hundred pound sledge - what's signing a few hundred books?

And now you have the opportunity to attend a FREE teleseminar on Tuesday 13 October when Armand Morin will be interviewing Raymond Aaron. If you can't make the live event do still register because then you'll receive details on how you can listen to the replay. Plus you'll also be able to listen to the replays of teleseminars with other leading experts as well such as Guerrilla Marketing Expert, Jay Conrad Levinson; the leading authority on subconscious reprogramming and subconscious influence, Marshall Sylver and the legendary motivational speaker, Les Brown.

Raymond Aaron has worked with thousands of individuals over the years and he's very clear on what works and what doesn't when it comes to goal achievement. Now he wants to share what he's discovered with you so that you not only achieve your goals but you achieve your goals in record time so that you can set even higher goals and lead a truly extraordinary life.

"Throughout all this time I've devoted to helping others achieve more, I've developed, refined and tested hundreds of techniques for personal achievement. That means, I've found out what works...and what doesn't. I want to give you the shortcut."
Raymond Aaron

So here's your shortcut to achieving your goals:

Teleseminar with Raymond Aaron