Friday, 25 September 2009

Manifest Your Goals & Dreams by Harnessing The Power of Your Emotions & Feelings

Expressing your feelings and emotions is often regarded as a weakness. However, it is the lack of control of your feelings and emotions rather than their expression which is the true weakness. What's more they play a critical role in the process of manifesting your goals and dreams.

"The Secret" focused on The Law of Attraction in the manifestation process. However, scientists are now proposing that the manner in which we manifest our goals and dreams is more of a process of reflection than attraction. This being the case, James Allen was spot on when he wrote in "As A Man Thinketh":

"Mind is the master power that moulds and makes and Man is mind and ever more he takes the tool of thought and, shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills. He thinks in secret and it comes to past environment is but his looking glass."

In other words your environment is a reflection of your inner world. Your thoughts lead to feelings and your feelings are expressed through your heart which is more than just a key component of our circulatory system. Your heart is a powerful emitter of electromagnetic radiation.

We tend to underestimate the space that surrounds us because it appears invisible. Yet, you see, the space that surrounds us is not empty space. It is packed with potentiality and we have the ability to influence this space which individuals call the field or the matrix among other names. And the manner in which we communicate with this field is through our heart. And our feelings are pivotal in this process.

Now Bob Proctor said,

"Many people today live their entire lives on the basis of "seeing is believing." That is to say, the only images they get emotionally involved with are the ones they can discern with their physical senses. But the individuals of real "vision," down through the ages, have always known the overriding principle is, "what you see is what you get.""

And fundamentally what he meant by this is that you have to see the things you desire in your mind and involve your physical senses with those images. You then have to allow yourself to feel the emotions you would feel if you saw, heard, tasted, smelt or touched what you desire. The feelings that result from this vivid visualisation or as Mark Victor Hansen calls it, virtualization, are expressed through your heart.

And when these feelings are expressed they influence the surrounding field or matrix which realigns itself to create what you have envisioned in your mind. So your feelings are absolutely critical in the process of manifesting your goals and dreams. The more vividly you are able to imagine what you desire and evoke the feelings associated with what you desire the more easily you are able to manifest that which you desire.

If you only allow your senses to get emotively involved with what you can already physically detect in your outer environment then you will simply continue to reproduce what is already in your physical environment. To achieve something different you have to envision what you desire.

Think of it like constructing your ideal home. The more information you can give the architect who is going to draw the designs for your home the better. An excellent architect will be interested in a myriad of details that will help him to design a home that reflects both your needs and your wants.

During the construction of the house, first the foundation will be built and then the framework of the house. Your house will be built around this framework and the better the foundation and framework the more robust your house is going to be.

Preparing the framework of your ideal home can be likened to the work you do to program your mind for success and in mastering the state of coherence where your heart and mind work in harmony with each other. The framework can be likened to a quantum template that you construct when you emotively visualize your ideal home. The Universe aligns itself in such a way that it forms the image you have in your mind around this template so that what you have so vividly imagined on the inside is reflected on the outside.

Naturally, there are other things involved as well, such as taking inspired action but fundamentally your ability to manifest your ideal home will be in proportion to your ability to incorporate your emotions and feelings when you visualize your ideal home or any goal or dream.

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