Friday, 4 September 2009

FREE Teleseminar Replay Featuring Tony Hsieh, CEO of Billion Dollar Company

If you missed the teleseminar earlier this week featuring Tony Hsieh, CEO of then you can still listen to the replay. Tony Hsieh recently engineered the sale of for a cool $928 million dollars and the company is set to do over a billion dollars in sales this year. Clearly no one told Tony Hsieh that we're in the middle of a recession.

And, regarding the current recession, Bill Harris said recently that:

"The current economic downturn is a blessing in disguise in many ways. It's forcing business owners to rethink how they do everything. It's [also] cleaning out a lot of deadwood."
Bill Harris

The companies that are thriving during this economic crisis have certain characteristics in common and these characteristics are exemplified by the way in which Tony Hsieh operates And in this upcoming teleseminar he'll be sharing exactly what has allowed him to grow the company to such an extent.

You see, when the going is good, it's easy for anyone to make money but, when things get tough it become very clear what is sustainable and what is short-lived. It's not just what you do in business that counts. Critically, it's how you do it.

And, if you think that generating over a billion dollars in retail sales is tough, how about raising over $1.2 billion dollars for social causes? Well, a remarkable woman by the name of Carol Cone has done exactly that. She is considered to be "the mother of cause branding" and helped to pioneer the industry more than 25 years ago.

Carol Cone is also featured on this call as well. This is your chance to learn from the world's leading expert on cause marketing. Carol Cone will be explaining the importance of integrating cause marketing into your business and why the simple concept of "doing well by doing good" is especially good for business.

Finally, this call will also feature the world-renowned transformational expert Barbara DeAngelis who has over 10 million books and has 14 best-sellers to her name. She certainly knows how to make things happen.

You know that to change your life you need to change your thinking but sometimes that's easier said than done. Barbara DeAngelis has developed a range of tools to help individuals achieve that transformation.

So you've three excellent reasons to listen to the replay of this call. Click the link below for further details:

Here's a video of Tony Hsieh's opening remarks for SXSWi 2009.

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