Sunday, 13 September 2009

Achieving Success - How the Success You Achieve in Life is Affected by Your Beliefs

Achieving success should be easy after all you've probably heard a hundred times if not more that people have infinite potential. Yet all around you are people are not living up to their potential and not achieving the level of success they desire in life.

Take the example of what happens when people buy courses, attend seminars and buy even more courses. Very often they do nothing with the material they purchased. Sometimes the packages don't even get opened.

Now they had every good intention to put the material to use. When they bought the program or course they were sold on the idea of how they could achieve success and transform their life. So what happened?

What happened is that they lost their belief that they could successfully make the program work for them. They decided to settle for what they had in life instead of going after what they could achieve.

You see their core belief was not congruent with the belief they could be successful. Your core beliefs are programmed into your sub-conscious mind and therefore dictate the actions that you take. And the actions you take will determine the results you achieve.

So, if a person fundamentally does not believe that by working through the program they can achieve the results they desire they simply will not take action. And, if they do, they'll self-sabotage their efforts so that things remain just the way they were - well almost.

You see you're either growing or dying. And, the only way you can grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally is for you to strive towards your goals. Continually self-sabotaging your goals by either taking minimal action on a project or starting a project and then stopping before completing it is utterly soul-destroying.

Fundamentally, the potential that we're able to liberate is dependent upon our beliefs because our beliefs drive the actions that we take which affect the results that we achieve.

Now there is a minority of individuals who actually follow through when they buy course and or attend training programmes. And these individuals provided they complete whatever program they've chosen to take action on, achieve results and often staggering results. So what the difference between those who follow through and those who don't?

"We're more afraid of what life would be like if we didn't follow through than the person who is willing to settle for what they've got and kind of hope it will change and purchase something for the moment and not follow through with it."
Tony Robbins

Another factor that influences whether or not a person takes action or not is their level of desperation. Many times, when a person does take action and follow through, they've hit rock bottom. They're in a position where they'd do almost anything to climb out of the pit they're in.

Often, it's a case that whatever it is they're doing just has to work because the consequences of it not are just too awful to contemplate so failure is not an option. And therein lies what Tony Robbins describes as the holy grail between someone taking action or not - CERTAINTY.

"When you're absolutely certain that if I do this it's going to get that result and that result is going to change my life - you'll do it. When you think it absolutely won't work you're never going to do it. The middle no man's land of maybe it'll work, maybe it won't - that's the piece that kills people."
Tony Robbins

So the question is how do you create certainty when the world isn't giving it to you? If you've got a negative balance on your bank account, you're receiving final demands in the mail and you're struggling to keep the roof over your head how do you create certainty?

The answer goes back to your belief systems.

"You have to believe it in your mind and then you'll take the necessary action to create the results that you desire."
Tony Robbins

And you not only have to believe it you have to clearly see your end result. As Mark Victor Hansen said,

"When you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible now."

So, when your beliefs are such that you can clearly see your goal and can hold this vision fixed in your mind you'll take the action steps necessary to achieve the results you desire and your latent potential will shine.

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