Monday, 14 September 2009

Achieving Success - Build a Clear Vision Vision If You Want to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving success in life should be easy. After all, your brain is perhaps the most advanced goal-seeking device that exists. It's literally hard-wired for success. And therein lies the problem and solution to achieve your goals.

Because your brain is so adept at goal achievement it will seek to achieve any target you set it. Unfortunately, many people are unwittingly pursuing the wrong target or goal and one common instance when this occurs is when you do not have a clear vision of what it is you're trying to achieve.

When you don't have a clear vision of your goal it's like trying to complete a complex jigsaw puzzle without a picture of the end result. Imagine having hundred of puzzle pieces, many of them looking very similar and no reference as to how to assemble these pieces. To make matters worse, the jigsaw puzzle pieces you've been given actually consist of more than one puzzle. How on earth are you going to be able to distinguish the puzzle pieces that are relevant to your particular puzzle?

Well that's the challenge we face in life and as Business Optimization Strategist Stephen Pierce said,

"It's very difficult to understand where a bunch of random elements and chunks of information fit if you don't understand what the big picture looks like."

Because what happens when you set a goal is that the Universe responds and starts to present opportunities, people and resources that will help you to achieve your goal. Some of these may seem very obvious but others may be more subtle and may the last thing you'd expect would actually help you in achieving success. For instance, some of these opportunities will be disguised as frustration, rejection and failure.

Take for example, the former School Teacher turned Internet Marketer Lee McIntyre. Before turning Internet Marketer he said he once applied for a promotion at the school he was teaching and that he believed that he was ideally suited to but he wasn't selected. That really riled him. He quit his job, decided to become self-employed and committed himself to achieving massive success. He wanted to show his former employer the stuff he was truly made of.

He is now a very successful Internet Marketer working from home. He still teaches but now he teaches others how they can make money online and achieve financial independence as he has. Now suppose Lee McIntyre had got that promotion. He would be in a 9-5 job where his salary would basically be capped. As an Internet Marketer Lee McIntyre has refined his way of working so that he can scale what he does and so earn more as and when he chooses to do so. The rejection he received was a blessing rather than a curse.

But here's the thing. If you do not have a clear vision of what your future looks like then the Universe will respond in an equally vague manner. Say you've set a goal regarding the lifestyle you want to live then these are some of the questions you should be able to clearly answer regarding the accomplishment of your goal:

~ How much money will you be earning?
~ How will you earn your money?
~ Where will you be living?
~ What type of home will you be living in?
~ Who will you be living with?
~ How will you spend your leisure time?
~ What Charities will you be supporting?

Knowing the answers to these and other questions that you will come up with pertinent to the goals you're aiming to achieve will really help you to refine your vision as well as help you to identify the people, tools and resources that you will need in order to achieve your goals.

When your vision is really clear then despite the jumble of jigsaw pieces that are presented to you, the pieces that are relevant to you will somehow stand out. If you do not get clear about your vision you'll simply perish and all the while the opportunities you seek to achieve success could be hidden in plain view.

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