Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Goal Achievement - Why People Fail and How You Can Succeed

Successful goal achievement can be elusive. People are often good at setting goals but have poor rate of success in actually achieving them. A primary reason for this is that, apart from those who don't take action at all, many people don't finish what they start. They give up on their goals.

Regarding why people give up rather than see things through to completion Bill Bartmann said:

"That's why we pull hamstrings in the marathon of life. It's because it's much easier for us not to finish than it is for us to fail."

However, it only seems easier in the short-term. In the long-term the mental anguish that comes with living an unfulfilled life is very hard to bear. And, make no doubt about it, if you are not working on achieving goals that are worthy of you then you will feel unfulfilled.

Apart from the illusion that abandoning your goals is the easy option. There are many other reasons you give up on your goals including:

~ You were pursuing the wrong goal.
~ You perceive that going after your goal would be too tough.
~ You are not confident that you can achieve your goal.

And the chances are that if not achieving your goals has become a habit then the underlying reason will often be the same each time.

However, there's also another reason why people don't achieve their goals. They are too attached to the outcome.

Paradoxically, the best way for you to achieve your goals is to give up. However, it's not the goal itself that you give up on. The key is to give up any attachment to the outcome of what it is you're striving to achieve.

So when you set a goal you have to believe that:

1. The goal is possible to achieve, and
2. You can achieve the goal.

Once you successfully complete this step you will have your goal on the first plane of existence.

Then let go.

Trust that, if you do your part, the Universe will work with you to help you bring your goal into fruition or the Universe might reward you with something different.

Now whether or not you perceive that thing to be better than what you originally asked for is entirely down to your perception. If you don't succeed in getting what you originally wanted you may think that you have failed. However, the outcome you regard as failure is merely feedback.

Yet, many people go out of their way to avoid 'failure'. And they are successful in doing this but they do so at the expense of their own personal growth because success and failure go hand in hand.

The Universe is forever expanding and we are part of the Universe and so it's our nature to expand or to grow. You do this by setting and striving for challenging goals because this is what stretches you and expands your consciousness or awareness. Achieving your goals is only part of the story it's the personal growth you experience during your goal achievement journey that is more important.

And we're designed to continually expand our awareness. So when you pursue your goals in a lawful manner, i.e. in accordance with the Universal Laws, the Universe conspires with you to help you achieve them.

This is why, when you're not on purpose and when you're not continually working on improving yourself and pursuing your dreams, you feel conflicted. You may give because you fear failing but remember that to the Universe there's no such thing as failure. There's only feedback.

There's a web site called Animoto where you can submit your images; select or upload a music track and then it will sync your images with the music automatically.

Here's the thing. You know what the raw ingredients are but you have no idea what the finished product will look like. Sometimes the end result is great but other times it doesn't quite work out the way you want it to.

In the latter case you simply ask Animoto to remix it again and you can keep doing this until you get a result you're happy with.

Goal achievement works in a similar way.

So there are three (3) key factors to achieving your goals:

1. Let go of any attachment to the outcome,
2. Finish what you set out to do, and
3. Try again if the first time if things don't quite work out the way you want them to.

Master these steps if you want to successfully achieve your goals.

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