Monday, 15 September 2008

Outsourcing for Success and Profits

Establishing a business can be quite a challenge especially given the current economy. Yet, it is an exciting prospect. Many entrepreneurs start a business with dreams of having more time freedom and more money to spend during their free time. The reality is often very different.

Entrepreneurs often end up being solopreneurs. In other words they become the chief cook and bottle washer spending every available moment of the day being busy - very busy. There are emails to answer; telephone calls to make; letters, proposals, etc. to write; cheques to write or bank and a myriad of other activities.

The problem is that, at the end of the day, the solopreneur may have been busy but not productive because the time spent on actual income-generating activities may have been minimal. Worse still, the activities that the individual choose to do that were income-generating may not have been tasks that they were particularly good at. The result is that they may have spent hours on a particular task that someone else may have spent a fraction of the time doing.

And the dream of financial freedom and independence seems to stretch further and further into the distance. Business owners become disenfranchised and frustrated. Many of them abandon their dreams and return to the 9-5 arena. Others experience the failure of their business.

If you find yourself trapped in this situation take heart for there is a simple solution. You need to focus on your strengths, do what you're good at and what only you alone can do and delegate or outsource the rest.

As a business owners, entrepreneur or solopreneur you don't only need a team around them to mastermind with; find creative solutions to your challenges; hold you accountable, etc. You also need a team of individuals to do the things that you're not good at or even don't enjoy doing.

Jeff Mills is an expert on outsourcing which he describes as follows:

"Outsourcing is delegating tasks to the gifts, talents, skills and abilities of others so that you can work less and make more money."
Jeff Mill, Author of "The Outsource Compendium" eBook

Many business owners have not even considered outsourcing. Others don't know how to go about it and others are afraid of being ripped off. Outsourcing is the secret to success of top marketers and businesses.

Jeff Mills has put together an excellent guide to outsourcing called "The Outsource Compendium". It is a comprehensive guide that provides the in and outs of outsourcing together with case studies that will fire your imagination as to how you can tap into the talents and resourcefulness of others.

The reality is that you are never going to have any more than 24 hours in a day so there is no sense is wishing you had more time. You have all that there will ever be. The secret is to leverage your time and resources by getting others to do the things you are not good at.

We unconsciously do it in our personal lives. For instance, the chances are that, if you're reading this you don't have to go to a well to get water. You pay for water to be piped directly into your home. You may even have a newspaper delivered to you although you could go out and buy it yourself. Some of you may have domestic help.

These are all tasks that you can do but you your time is better spent earning money, having fun or further developing your skills so that you can earn more money still. So if you're not currently outsourcing start examining the tasks that you do on a daily basis and see where and how your time could be better spent.

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  1. Outsourcing is really a huge business tool, the time it frees up for you is power for your growing business. Time management can be one of the biggest struggles for businesses. We all get the same 24 hours... how profitable are you with yours?